What I Write

It’s a good thing I keep my computer in good working condition.  Because the last time I had to send it out for a repair, the technician jokingly threatened to turn me in to the F.B.I. when he saw my history of searching for just the right untraceable, lethal poison and how to dispose of a corpse without leaving forensic evidence behind.  And he hadn’t even gotten to my favorite pages of how a small-framed woman can beat a large man into submission using only her bare hands and how various psychological disorders can manifest into complete psychoses.  (He didn’t know that one of my favorite beta readers is a retired Boston detective who lets me know just how many of my ideas could really work.)

I don’t take William Faulkner’s advice to kill my darlings lightly. I write psychological thrillers which are guaranteed to keep my readers on the edge of their seat, and if a character or two has to die to keep the reader in suspense… well then, that’s the price I have to pay.


Some of my micro-fiction can be found throughout my blog and in various printed publications, though I usually save the bulk of my short stories for contest entries.  (In 2016, one of my short stories won an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest’s 85th Annual Writing Competition.)  I also write occasional poems and essays about whatever outside factors might be pulling at my emotional heartstrings at the time.  (In 2019 and 2020, two essays I wrote won Honorable Mentions in the Writer’s Digest’s 88th Annual Writing Competition.)

Prior to the Covid lockdowns, I had several full-length manuscripts that were ready  or nearly ready to pursue representation.  But after losing and nearly losing numerous friends and loved ones to the Coronavirus, I’ve reprioritized many facets of my life.  This meant that I also vaulted seven of my books because I suddenly found them to be too dark.  Perhaps they’ll come out of retirement someday, or perhaps the spiders will enjoy a new place to quilt their webs.  Meanwhile, the following are nearly ready to make their debut:

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  1. Darling Rachel, Just looked at this page again as I remembered how impressive it is. When we speak on Sat. let’s talk about this again please. It’s so very creative and original. Selling anything on the net is about people knowing one is present and of course this is marketing…..which I am pitiful with. I have an idea for us to discuss.

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