Aww, Mom!

My sister Michelle is older than me.  But not by much.  Not even a year, actually.  In fact, we frequently encounter people who feel compelled to stop us and ask us if we’re twins.

That’s why what happened one time when we went to the Hershey Hotel in Pennsylvania was so funny.  When we checked in, I stood aside as Michelle signed the room assignment and the desk clerk handed her a key card.  Then, as he pointed at me, he asked, “Would you like your daughter to have her own key?”

Michelle furrowed her brow, but I grinned.  “Come on, Mom, please!”  I tugged on her shirt and gave her the face.  “Come on, you always say I need to be more independent!  Please let me have my own key!”

Michelle blushed as she scowled.  “Rachel, stop it,” she said through clenched teeth.

But I only got louder as I folded my arms and stuck out my lip.  “Gosh, Mom, you never let me have any fun!”

The really weird thing was, after that, the same thing also happened in Michigan and parts of Canada!  (Yes, really!)

Time to share:  Have you been confused for someone far older or far younger than your actual age?  Have you ever been stopped and asked if you were someone’s twin?  Have you ever felt compelled to ask anyone if they were twins?

Michelle & Me

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Today, I hope you will join me in wishing a very happy birthday to my sister, Michelle.

Michelle & Rachel After Skydiving

This photos is from a few years back just after we went skydiving on one of my birthdays.  Michelle is on the left.

Michelle, you’re the best!  I hope we can skydive again soon and that we have many more fun adventures ahead.  Happy Birthday, Sistah!  ~Rach