I Need a Drink!

Okay, this post is not about alcohol.  (Though if it were, Bacardi and Bailey’s would be my beverage of choice.)  For the newcomers, this month we’re discussing pet peeves.

Years ago, I used to drink Coca-cola.  I never liked Pepsi, but I could tolerate it as a fountain drink at a restaurant.  Then about fifteen years ago, I started having a problem with corn syrup, so I switched to Caffeine Free Diet Coke.  That went on for about ten years, when I started having problems with artificial sweetener.  (Food allergies and intolerances are common to people with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, such as myself.)  So, I gave up soda altogether and drank more water, juice, and milk.

During that time, I discovered that Ikea made a delicious apple soda which was made with sugar and not corn syrup.  However, besides the nearest Ikea being an hour away and the drinks being quite expensive, they stopped carrying them for nearly a year because the cans they were in were not in compliance with some sort of federal guidelines.  <Sigh.>

Fast forward two or three years of being soda free, when lo and behold, the Pepsi company came out with a new and improved Sierra Mist which is made with sugar and not corn syrup.  I tried it and liked it.  YAY!

After adding Sierra Mist to my list of acceptable beverages, however, I found that if I was at a restaurant and ordered it as a fountain drink, it didn’t taste good.  At all.  After my third occurrence of this happening, I did some research and found that the fountain version uses corn syrup and not sugar.  I have no idea why.  (Autistic people also have a heightened sense of taste, so, yes, I could actually taste the corn syrup.)

So my pet peeve is this:  At least 75% of the time I go to purchase a single cold can or bottle of Sierra Mist, the four stores closest to me are out!  Yes, they have it in stock in the two-liter bottles or 12-pack of cans, but those aren’t cold, and I don’t drink that much.  The coolers and machines are always stocked full of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Zero, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper, but the row for Sierra Mist is always empty!  The store managers claim it’s not their fault because the coolers and machines are stocked by their Pepsi vendor.

Get a clue, Pepsi!  If it’s always empty, that means it’s a popular beverage!  With so many products trying to steer away from corn syrup these days, you’d think more soda vendors would follow suit.  The only other soda option made with sugar that I’ve found is the “Throwback Pepsi” which are difficult to find (and are gross just like Pepsi always was) and “Mexican Coca-cola,” but those are never sold refrigerated.  (And being Autistic, I don’t like ice in my drink.)  <Sigh.>

I know that in the grand scheme of life, this pet peeve might not seem like much, but with all the food allergies I have, there’s very little I can actually ingest, and when one of my few acceptable items isn’t available, it makes Rachel cranky!  Thanks for allowing me to vent.  😉

So tell me, what’s your favorite soda?  What’s your favorite beverage?  Do you have any food allergies or intolerances?  In your region, do you say soda, soda pop, pop, coke, or something else when referring to a carbonated beverage?