Calling Cadence: Left, Right, Left…

It might seem like I’m picking on my sister this week, but I promise, I have Michelle’s blessings to share these stories.  🙂

Once, quite recently, actually, we were up watching television when for some reason, we had to go out and get something at the only store that was open that late: Walmart.  (UGH!)  From the time we left, Michelle started complaining that her feet hurt.  We couldn’t figure out why, except that she needs new work shoes, so she figured she had sore feet from wearing the old ones all day.

It wasn’t until were in line paying for our purchase that Michelle looked down and turned about fifteen shades of red.  She started laughing so hard, she snorted.

“What is it?” I asked.

By now, she was laughing so hard she wasn’t even making sound and couldn’t form words.

I furrowed my brow.  “What?”

Finally, still laughing, she stepped back and pointed down.  Her shoes were on the wrong feet!  And the funniest part is, there was no alcohol involved!

Do I need to ask?  Have you ever put your shoes on the wrong feet after you were an adult and with no alcohol involved?  Do you think a photo of Michelle will end up on one of those “Oddities at Walmart” emails that get passed around every so often?