Jiminy Crickets!

Consider this a bonus post for the day.  Or a plea for help.  Or the insane ramblings of a sleep deprived tired person.  I don’t know how this happened, but there has a been a cricket (Actually a very LOUD cricket!!) somewhere IN MY BEDROOM all week long!

Of course, he (she?) waits until I’m snuggled cozily in my bed in the dark before he starts the deafening chirping while he sings the song of his people.  My cats are oblivious.  My human co-inhabitants have their bedroom doors closed and aren’t bothered in the least.  As for me, I might as well punch holes in my eyelids and go lie down on a train track for all the sleep I’m getting!

Any useful suggestions for getting rid of my new roommate would be greatly appreciated.  Or perhaps, just like yesterday’s post, karma is getting even with me for teasing my fellow blogger, Mark Bialczak, about his recent unwanted house guests (first a gopher then a skunk!).

{{Mark, please take the pins out of the voodoo doll now.  I’ve had enough, thank you.}}  😉

Thank you again for listening my late night rant.  Sweet dreams…