Happy Sunday, Friends!  I’m happy to report that I’ve just finished my first draft of the novel I started last month, The Foreboding.  Right now it only clocks in at around 75,000 words, but as I start editing, I expect to raise that by at least 10,000.  The quick description is as follows:

Rylie and Denise have been rivals since the first day they met.  Though Denise comes from an affluent home and has never lacked for anything of monetary value, Rylie has the one thing Denise will never get – attention.  As the girls get ready to enter college, Denise concocts a plan to make sure Rylie will never stand in her way again; but as they proceed into adulthood, she looks back and wonders if it was enough in this psychologically thrilling tale of Mean Girls meets Premonition.

Have a great weekend!