Green Eyed Monsters

It’s Monday Again!  I hope you’re all still hanging in here with me on my game theme.

Today’s game is to Identify Songs That Feature Jealous People.

The rules are as follows:

1. You have to include the song title.
2. You have to include the song artist.
3. You have to include the line in the song that references jealousy.
4. You may NOT repeat any of my examples. (Preferably, please don’t repeat any examples from the comments above yours.)
5. You may NOT use the internet to reference anything. (Please play honestly.)
6. The song title does NOT have to feature jealousy.

First, I’ll provide some examples, then it’s your turn:

jealousy songs

Alright, now it’s your turn.  I hope that each of you will rise to the occasion and play along with me.  I’ll look forward to reading your answers below…

So tell me… Have you ever been jealous of someone?  Did you do anything about it?  Was it worth it?