Happy Birthday, Lucille Ball!

As you know, I like to acknowledge the birthdays of my favorite authors.  And anyone who knows me well, knows that I love classic TV and “I Love Lucy!”  You probably know that Lucy was the queen of comedy, but what you may not know is that Lucille Ball was also an author.  She penned her autobiography Love, Lucy which covers her life through 1964.  It was discovered by her children in 1989.

Lucille Ball was born on August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York.  She died on April 26, 1989 from an aortic aneurysm.

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

And in keeping with my theme this month of humorous anecdotes, I’ll share the story of what happened when my kids and my sister and I took a trip to Jamestown to visit the Lucy Desi Museum.  My daughter Stefani was ten at the time, and she loved Lucy almost as much as I did.  We were actually celebrating Stefani’s birthday on our trip.  Upstate New York is filled with mountains and rolling hills, and coming from flat Florida, it was a big change when we moved there.

On our way to the museum, I was driving, my sister Michelle was the front passenger, and Stefani and Jeremy were in the back.  We went over a couple of small hills, then finally over a big hill, and on our way down, Stefani screamed at the top of her lungs, “STOP!”

I jumped and slammed on the brakes, and we skidded to a stop.  We nearly ran off the road as the smell of burnt rubber burned our noses. We all turned to look at my daughter.  My heart was beating a mile a minute.  “What is it?” I asked as I tried to catch my breath.

She pointed in between the seats out the front window and very calmly said, “I didn’t want you to hit that bunny.”  (The rabbit that was taking its time crossing the road was still a good 200 feet in front of the car!)

Talk to me: Have you ever braked to avoid hitting an animal in the road?  Have you ever had someone yell in your ear while you were driving?  Do you love Lucy, too?