Blogger Interview: Sandra

Hello, friends.  A few of weeks ago, I encouraged fellow writers (and anyone else who wanted to play along) to write a short story to accompany the writing prompt I featured and then allow me to interview them.   As with many things new, a lot of times people like to wait until they see someone else dip their toe in the water before they take the plunge.  But I anticipated as much when I put the challenge out there.  So, rather than waiting for someone to be the first to respond to my writing prompt, I’m jumping right into the interview mode, without the homework.  Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my newest blogging sisters as well as one of the most artistic and creative photographers I know, Sandra.

Please tell us your name and the links to your blog, website, Facebook fan page, Twitter, etc.  When did you start photography? What motivated you to undertake learning all you could about photography?

Thank you again for having me over Rachel! My name is Sandra. I have been posting on Square One Notes since 2010. I have a Twitter account, my handle is: @squareonenotes although I’ve taken a social media hiatus lately. WordPress is currently my only regular haunt.

As far as my picture collection goes, the backstory is that my husband Erik bought me a Nikon for Christmas about five years ago. I took a class to learn how to use it and have enjoyed experimenting with it ever since.


Do you offer any of your photos for sale?  If so, please share the link(s) to purchase your work:

I’m more of an enthusiast/hobbyist. I don’t consider myself a pro. I share my pictures on my blog. Taking pictures gets me out of my head. It allows me to disappear into my surroundings instead of my thoughts. It’s become a daily practice. I really enjoy it.

One of Sandra’s beautiful photographs!

What is the one thing you have done and the one thing you have not done during the course of your life that would most surprise (or shock) your readers? 

I have set off the fire alarm more than once while cooking a meal.

I have not had a drink in 17 months!

What is the one thing you have done and the one thing you have not done during the course of your life that would most surprise (or shock) your mother? 

I regularly serve store bought tortillas to my family. My mom always made them for us from scratch. They are so delicious when they are homemade but they are time consuming and labor intensive. Sorry mom, it’s true.

I did not always go to bed on time. In the days of call waiting I would dial up the lady who tells the time so my friends could beep into the line without the phone ringing so we could talk when I should have been sleeping.

If you could travel through time, what is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self, and would your younger self listen?

I would have given my younger self the money to buy tickets to that Nirvana concert I missed right before Kurt killed himself. I didn’t go because I was a broke college student at the time. Still makes me sad that he is gone.

If you had one year to prepare, which record do you think you would have the best shot at breaking in the Guinness Book of World Records?  Have you ever actually attempted to break a world record at anything?

I have never attempted breaking a record. I loved reading this book when I was a kid. I think I would have the best shot at breaking the record for most t-shirts worn at once. It would make my concert t-shirt collection famous!

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing time with you Rachel! Thank you for welcoming me so warmly to your blog!




Thank you, Sandra, for answering my questions with such fun responses!  I hope everyone else has enjoyed getting to know you as much as I have.  (If I could talk to your and my own younger selves, I’d have gotten together the money and gone to that concert with you!)… By the way, I if anyone’s looking for me, I think I’m going to Sandra’s mom’s house for dinner! 😍

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A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the…

Surprise!  My theme for August is true funny stories that will hopefully not be too long.  I hope your funny bone gets tickled this month.  Here’s my kick-off story…

Once my sister Michelle, my best friend Lora, and I were at an outdoor concert in Connecticut.  Between sets, we wanted to walk across the street to our hotel and freshen up.  We knew the band, and they said they were also headed to the hotel for a bit, but they had to secure their instruments first and would be right behind us.

Michelle, Lora & Me

So as the three of us walked, we had to walk across a field then along the side of the road for about a half a block before we could cross.  I was nearest the road, Michelle was next to me, and Lora was by her.  As we walked dangerously close to the edge of the busy road, cars whizzed by.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a bump in the gravel reached up and grabbed me by the ankle.

As I started to fall, it was like it was happening in slow motion.  I didn’t fall “down” per se, but I actually went flying and ended up parallel to the ground where it felt like I was suspended for several seconds.  As I hovered, the only thing on my mind was, “Oh, I hope the band isn’t behind me watching this!”  I was mortified!

Finally, the entire front of my body hit the ground with a thud.  The weird thing was both Michelle and Lora ran over and told me it happened in slow motion, and they, too, said it looked like I was suspended in the air!

My ankle hurt, the wind was knocked out of me, and I was beyond embarrassed!  I asked Lora and Michelle if the band saw me fall.  (Thankfully they were nowhere in sight.)  However, as I started to get up, several cars screeched to a halt.  More than a dozen people ran over to me and asked which car had hit me!  Someone was already on the phone with the police saying something about a hit and run driver and asking for an ambulance.  Some people forced me to stay on the ground cautioning me not to move, and more and more people kept gathering around and asking me questions about the runaway car!  (Talk about making an embarrassing situation even MORE embarrassing!)

I wanted to die!  I just knew our band friends would come walking up at any moment, and I just wanted to be gone.   It seemed like forever passed before I was able to calm the crowd and dismiss them, and I covered my face as I quickly limped over to the hotel.  Later when we went back to the next show, we still heard rumblings in the crowd about “some girl who was hit by a car.”  (I have since wondered if perhaps I really was clipped by a car and never even realized it.)

So tell me:  Have you even fallen down in an extremely embarrassing forum?  Have you ever been hit by a car?  Do you think I was actually hit by a car or just clumsy that day?

Michelle, Lora & Me