What Do Charles Manson, Doris Day, and Folgers Coffee Have in Common?

Did my post title catch your attention?  Good.  We’ll talk more about that in a moment.  If you’ve noticed, on Tuesdays during pet peeve month, I’ve been discussing gross discrepancies in various laws as they apply to certain people.  Well, I’m not off my soapbox yet.

For today’s pet peeve, I’m here to talk about crime and punishment.  I’m sure I might also tick some people off when I say that I don’t think Charles Mason should be in prison.  Now, hold on!  Don’t jump on me until you’re heard everything I’ve got to say.

My problem with Charles Manson still being incarcerated is this:  He’s been in jail for longer than I’ve been alive for murders he did not commit.  Whoa!  Wait a minute before you react.  What I’m saying is he instructed the members of his cult to massacre the people that were killed, but he didn’t actually commit the murders.  His cult members did.  In fact, he wasn’t even charged with murder, but rather the lesser charge of seven counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

Now, why on earth would I say that I don’t think this man should still be in prison?  Because, there are worse murderers walking around free.  The murders I’m talking about?  MOMS.  There are plenty of mothers who have either killed their own child(ren) for a husband or boyfriend or with a husband or boyfriend.

Bradley McGee

Case in point:  In 1989, twenty years after the Manson slayings, right in my own hometown, Sheryl Coe helped her husband brutally murder her two-year old son, Bradley McGee.  Of course that was after they abandoned the child at a mall, and later the boy had been removed from the home repeatedly by the state because they had tortured him mercilessly throughout his short life.  She served less than nine years in prison before she was released, at which point she moved to Illinois.  Furthermore, she has since remarried and had another child, and she was allowed to keep custody of said child by an Illinois court.  Bradley’s stepdad is still in prison.  I went to high school with the sister of the demented husband who killed this child.  His sister was a smart and very nice girl.  I don’t know how he chose to be so wicked.

Ursula “Sunshine” Assaid

Need more proof?  In 1982, again, right here in my home state, Susan Assaid aided and abetted her boyfriend in torturing her five-year old daughter, Ursula “Sunshine” Assaid, for 55 hours before brutally murdering her then dumping her body in a retention pond.  She received only a 15-year sentence and has long since been released and moved to California.  The boyfriend who led in the abuse was killed in prison by another inmate in 1996.  The judge who presided over this trial and sentenced the parents was the same judge who did a rotten job on my custody case with my son.  Of course that’s after he was reassigned to family court after being caught keeping porn in his chambers, but that’s a different story.

Caylee Anthony

Do I even need to go into the more recent Caylee Anthony murder where her mother Casey Anthony was acquitted?  And in case you’re wondering, yes, I believe she was guilty.  At the time the child went missing, I lived only a few miles from her home, and I witnessed the family putting up the initial missing child flyers around Orlando.

I think the worst thing a person, either male or female, can do is to purposefully brutalize and kill their own child.  And I’m not talking about an adult-sized angry teenager on drugs or other such factors that might mitigate some sort of “justifiable homicide.”  I mean, these children were all under kindergarten age!  They literally had their entire lives in front of them.

So, yeah, while I definitely empathize with the Helter Skelter victims as well as their families, I’m outraged over the fact that Charles Manson, a man that was admittedly on acid (as well as other drugs) at the time the murders took place is still in jail, yet these women who have since tortured and murdered their own children are now walking around free.  I think the fact that Manson was on hallucinogenic and other mind-altering drugs at the time is proof that he wasn’t in his right frame of mind, and I reiterate the fact that he wasn’t even present at the crime scenes.  (I do think it’s a sick testament to his power of persuasion that he was able to convince so many other lost kids to commit the murders, though.)

But these mothers that killed their own children were not on drugs.  Their brains were functioning at 100% when they made the conscious choice to abuse, nay, viciously torture, and allow their husbands to abuse and cold-bloodedly kill their own children.

Is Charles Manson a danger to society?  Probably.  Should he be walking around free?  I don’t think so.  Do I think he should be locked away?  Absolutely!  But perhaps a more appropriate place for him would be in a mental institution.  The State of California is footing the bill either way.  At any rate, I don’t think these moms should have ever seen the light of day again.

By the way, the answer to the title’s question is simple:  Record producer Terry Melcher was Doris Day’s only son.  Sharon Tate and her husband rented Terry Melcher’s house which is where the Manson Family killed Mrs. Tate and some of her friends including Abigail Folger, heiress to the Folgers Coffee fortune.  It’s been said that Mr. Manson was actually targeting Mr. Melcher for failing to include him in a record deal (though later it came out that Manson did in fact know that Melcher had moved).  Furthermore, I chose today to post this particular post, because today is my sister Michelle’s birthday, and Michelle’s favorite actress is Doris Day.  Happy Birthday, Michelle!

So that’s my two cents for today’s installment of “Rachel Rants.”  Are you for or against capital punishment?  How would you feel about mandatory sterilization for parents found guilty of barbaric child abuse?  Do you think that parents found guilty of murdering their own child should have to register once they are released from prison, such as a sex offender does?  Or do you think once a person has served their time for murdering their own child, their crime should be erased from the minds of everyone else?