February Progress Report

Well, when I made my 2015 goals public at the end of December, I was hopeful that things would fall into place rather quickly.  Originally, I had planned (and I still do) to report back to you once a month with my progress.  However, what I did not count on was still being sick!  I woke up on Christmas morning with the worst sore throat I’ve had in a while, as well as a fever and BAD sinuses.  I’m so stranger to sinus infections.  In fact, I used to get them as often as four times a year.  Luckily, now, they only come about once a year.  However, here we are, over a month later, and I’m still feeling snotty and gross.

I actually have a very touchy immune system, though there is no reason for this that any doctor I’ve ever had can figure.  (Personally, I believe it’s due to all my allergies.)  It takes me much longer than anyone else I know to heal, and I’ve been this way since I was a kid.  For example, I can be with other people and we all get bit by the same mosquitoes or ants, and within a few days, they have no sign of a bite.  However, three weeks later, I still have yucky, open sores where I was bitten.  Gross, huh?  Yeah, it’s no fun on this side of them, either.

Over the years, I’ve left many a doctor scratching their heads.  When I’m initially asked what medicines I’m allergic to, medical personnel will often reply with, “No, I need to know what you can NOT take.”  So I started carrying this card with me to identify my numerous allergies.

Once, my doctor sent me straight to the hospital when I had a rapidly growing MRSA infection on my leg.  The ER doctor didn’t believe I was allergic to all those antibiotics, so he started me on an IV of one of them, and within minutes, my arm where the needle was inserted turned bright red, and the rest of me got splotchy and feverish.  An entire staff of medical personnel rushed to get the IV out of me and give me Benadryl, and the nurse took the doctor aside and yelled at him.  (It was pretty funny.  He was truly the worst doctor I’ve ever experienced.  I sat in a waiting room full of people for 23 hours waiting for an available bed, and he didn’t even give me as much as a bandage to cover my open MRSA wound.  When I mentioned this to the infectious disease doctor who saw me the following morning, he left my room and raised hell at the nurses’ station.)

Besides dealing with illness for the entirety of this year, I’ve had a bit of a personal setback as well.  A couple of weeks ago, my son Jeremy decided to “borrow” (steal!) my car while I was asleep one rainy night, and he hydroplaned and hit a street sign!  The street sign broke in three pieces, and he stopped inches away from hitting a guardrail!  The damage pictured here was actually much worse before he bent it back.  The tire hit so hard, it came off the rim.  (I’ve had it repaired since this photo.)  The wheel well needs to be replaced completely.  And the bumper may need to be replaced because it is broken where it separates from the headlamp.  I believe the quarter panel can be repaired.  Fortunately, Jeremy and his friend were uninjured, because I wanted the pleasure of killing them to be all mine.  (In all seriousness, I am very thankful he and his passenger were not hurt, and that he wasn’t going fast enough to deploy the airbags… AND that he eventually told me the truth about what happened — only a few hours after he made up a very unbelievable story about being hit while he was parked.  I actually think this accident was a good thing in that it gave him a scare and a good sense of what can happen to even the best of drivers, which I think will help his to be more cautious in the future.)

At any rate, I got two refills on my antibiotics and I’m finally (slowly but surely) getting better.  I haven’t yet felt healthy enough to start my running program, to count calories, or even to write every day.  But I have made some very small steps in the right direction.

I managed to do a lot of research and find numerous literary agents to query who specialize in my books’ genre.  I’ve also written a little (though far less than I’d have liked) on my current work in progress, entitled Judge, Jury, Executioner.  Right now, I’m a little more than three-fourths done with my first draft.

So in conclusion, I’ve not made as much progress as I’d have liked, but at least I didn’t move backward.  I am ever hopeful that next month’s progress report will evidence more progress in all areas.

Let’s talk:  How are you doing on your 2015 goals?  Did you ever take your parents’ car without permission?

Your Thoughts?

Hello, friends,

Well, I’m in a bit of a quandary, and I’d like your input.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’m contemplating signing up for July’s Camp NaNoWriMo, and during the registration process, I have to list the title of the novel that I’ll be working on.

The next story I intend to write is a psychological thriller inspired by my daughter.  She’s currently doing quite well for herself, but in her youth and younger adulthood, she’s been with some rather unsavory characters (to say the least).

The story is about a mom who hates her daughter’s horrible boyfriends and husbands so much that she murders them and convinces the daughter that they simply left. Of course, due to the nature of the genre, there will be a few bends in the road before the huge twist ending.  😉

That said, I’m torn between two titles:

I like either

“The Assassin”


“Judge, Jury, Executioner.”

The first title has, as you can imagine, been used already — several times actually — but not in anything like this.  The second title has been used for TV episodes only.  But I don’t really care about that.  I just want what sounds the best and is most fitting for my story.

Which title do you prefer and why?  


My beautiful daughter Stefani