My Soap Box

Howdy, friends!  I hope everyone is still healthy and holding up well under whatever your area’s current conditions may be.  We’re all okay at my house.  A few days ago, I woke up so swollen I couldn’t walk, but by the time I was able to get in to see my rheumatologist, things started to get a wee bit better.  (It was a little creepy sitting in the waiting room with other people, though most of us were wearing masks).  My doctor ordered the standard Lupus blood work, and my sed rate and CRP levels (which measure inflammation markers) were about three times the highest “normal range” number, so that explains things.  At any rate, I started a steroid pack, and am feeling much better now.

Last week, I started discussing my “artsy” projects.  I forgot to mention that as far as the house repair or remodel projects that we’ve undertaken, I found the most awesome website called See Jane Drill, and it’s geared toward teaching novices how to do carpentry jobs.  The woman who teaches in the videos is a master craftswoman and a journeyman plasterer, and she’s an amazing teacher!  She’ll tell you to “mix the drywall with water until it’s the consistency of pancake batter or buttercream icing,” and you know exactly what to do.  As a matter of fact, she’s not just for the ladies!  My son now watches her for tips for the jobs he does around the house.

But moving along, not too long ago, I shared how Sister Michelle and I were making and selling homemade soaps, but I didn’t tell you where we store them.  Originally, we just had a small variety of fragrances, and those were fine to store in a closet somewhere.  But when we decided on making our favorite twenty-two designs and scents, we needed a dedicated place to keep them, and it needed to be conveniently located where guests could peruse them if they wanted to purchase any.  We agreed that it would be pretty cool if we could find an old library card cabinet and do something with it, but any we found had a large price tag and took up a lot of room.

So, I started searching YouTube for hacks to make my own.  Turns out Ikea had a cute little “blank canvas” which gave me a good jumping in point.

We purchased five of them and Sister Michelle painted them black.  I then turned the drawers around backward so the little finger hole didn’t show.  I bought some black, white, grey, and red scrapbook papers and lined each drawer then covered the front of each drawer to match the lining.  I made sure some papers were textured to add to the visual interest.

I purchased three types of card holder drawer handles, and after deciding how to arrange each drawer and which type of handle to use, drilled the holes and installed the handles.  I attempted to use the grinder to cut of the backs of the screws inside each drawer, but the tool was too large and bulky for the thin wood, so I found a Dremel bit that worked well.

All told, I’m pleased with how it turned out, and I believe it looks good in my living room.  Each drawer holds seven or eight bars of soap (depending on if they are beveled or wavy cut).  When the drawers on the top are especially full of heavy soap, it does get a little difficult to open and close the lower drawers, but once a few bars are removed, they all work fine.  And, of course, when I start to mention “my soap box,” I can weed out the crowd if I don’t want to be around them because they will assume I’m talking about getting up on the other soap box.

Let’s talk:  Do you ever look for furniture hacks on the internet?  Have you ever re-purposed or refinished a piece of furniture to make it look completely different than it looked before?  Have you ever heard of See Jane Drill?  Have you had to see a doctor since the Covid-19 outbreak hit your area? 

20 thoughts on “My Soap Box

  1. Fine work, young Rachel. Your skills know no bounds. Super soaps that knock all others sideways, super gal who makes them. You get to the waiting room I see, the best we’ve got over this side of the pond is a phone to the doc…or, a video link. Stay splendid, The Old Fool

    • A lot of people here do the video doctor visit, but with Lupus, they have to feel your joints and stuff, plus do blood work every couple of months. But, yes, I was definitely skeeved out by the in-person thing. 😁

      • There is talk in the UK that post virus doctors in general think video connection to be much more efficient than surgery visitation…in terms of most, but not all clients. Said docs don’t care for phone calls as they cannot judge the honesty of the patient when answering a question, yet on video the face…as with a face to face meet…will give away any lies, plus the whole system would work much more efficiently, and give those who have to go to the surgery in person, a vastly better experience. It sounds a fine idea to me.

      • I’ve said for years (decades?) that I wish they’d go back to house calls — Then the sick person doesn’t need to go out and infect others or get more germs in a waiting room, PLUS doctors would then be able to report on other issues such as an elder who needs home care or evidence of child abuse / neglect, or people that are living in unsafe conditions such as hoarding, etc.

  2. Your soap boxes look great!
    And I’m glad you’re feeling better, too. I haven’t been to any doctors, but my husband has had emergency dental work done twice during the shutdown. I was anxious for him.

  3. You could lubricate the bottoms of the drawers with a rubbing of soap, to make the drawers slide easier.

    When I was a teenager, I refinished an antique public school desk, the kind that had iron bolt-to-the-floor legs, and had the seat for the student ahead of the desk attached to the front of it. I wish I had that piece of furniture now.

    Fortunately, I got out of rehab just as that nursing home implemented its lockdown. I’ve had one in-person doc visit and two phone “visits.” I’ve just finished with two months of visits from home health RN, CNA, PT and OT. An MRI I’ve got to do has been delayed longer than I’d like it to be, even though there’s not much viral activity going on here.

    • Great idea, Christine, thank you!
      Those desks were so neat (and because the desk was attached, you didn’t run the risk of getting your fingers pinched when the guy in front of you leaned back — Can you tell this happened to me more than once?). I wish you still had it, too. I’d love to see a picture.
      I’m so glad you’re back now! I’ve been thinking about you. I hope you’re nearing the end of the bad part of your road to recovery and will soon be enjoying great health. Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️

  4. I’ll bet the immediate area around this beautiful creation smells as fabulous as it appears! You are a marvel with your many talents. Glad you’re feeling better! ❤️

  5. Wow, those soap boxes look awesome! I love how you and your sister used different patterns for each box. I wish I was good at repurposing, but honestly I’ve never tried. I do have an old computer desk that could use a makeover, so I will see what I can do in my small space. As always thanks for sharing your creative works 🙂

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