I do realize I need to clean the glass on my front door.  But, putting that aside, look:

How rude!  Good thing I didn’t clean the glass yet, or I’d have to do it again to get the slime off.  (But seriously, he’s still small enough to be cute.  When the larger guys come to the door, that’s not as photo worthy.)

Let’s talk:  Cute or creepy?  Have you ever eaten frog legs?  How are you and your family holding up?  What’s changed this week in your city?

15 thoughts on “Underneath

  1. He is a cute one! He reminds me of the sticky stretchy ones you get in the gum ball machines that can stick to the walls. I see you don’t have to pay for the cheap imitations when you have the real deal greeting you at your door! We are doing well Rachel in spite of the new normal. How are you and your family doing?

    • YES! That’s exactly what he looks like. (Only I wouldn’t want to stretch this one. LOL!) We’re holding up okay, other than the empty shelves at the store. Stay safe! ❤️

  2. A hundred years ago In France I used to eat grenouilles until I learnt of the process (they taste like garlicky chicken by the way). This little chap looks quite cute. He’s obviously saying get rid of the spider webs in your dark, dank cellar where you keep the bodies hidden! Love you. X

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