These days of the unknown are certainly frightening, and the cabin fever doesn’t help.  Which is why I guess when I went out in search of food and somehow picked up this hitchhiker, he gave me just the hearty laugh I needed.  (He seriously didn’t want to leave!  I had to get out the car and hand-feed him some French fries to coax him down.)

Let’s talk:  How are you and your family holding up?  Do you have a curfew or stay home order where you live?  Are you running low on supplies yet?

18 thoughts on “Hitchhiker

  1. I very nearly told you off, young Rachel, thinking is the woman mad affording a hitchhiker…even if a jolly good chap or gal…a lift in these cursed times. Only when I saw the photo did I laugh. Good on you.

  2. Oh wow what an encounter! You got hustled by a feathered street thug! Rachel these brushes you have with wildlife would make for a really entertaining collection of short stories. Thank you for sharing your good humor! We are hanging in there my friend. I hope you are too. ❤️

  3. Oh, that’s so cute!
    NJ has curfews and lock down. We’re only supposed to go out for work, medical appointments/supplies, shopping, but we can still go outside, as long as we stay apart from others. Restaurants, wineries, etc. doing curbside pickups/deliveries.

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