Dear Writer…

The following announcement is geared mainly toward my writer friends.  Of course, if you’re not a writer, you’re still welcome to read, reply, and play along, but if you are a writer, you might have a particular interest in what I have to say today.

In the past, one of my more popular blog features has been my author interviews.  Not only did these help draw new traffic to my blog, but they helped market your work to a broader audience. I’ve decided to start a new feature called “Writing Prompt Wednesdays” wherein I will post a writing prompt, either text or pictorial, on the first Wednesday of each month.

I invite you to then take (click to open in a new tab, then right click and save) the prompt over to your own blog and use it to write a short story – say (roughly) between 100 and 800 words, telling what happened to lead up to the prompt, what happened after the prompt, or anything else relevant to the prompt.  Then reply to my post with the link to your post and be sure to include your email address so I can interview you.  For each subsequent Wednesday for the rest of the month, I’ll select one of your responses to feature on my blog along with an interview with you and the links to where we can purchase your work.

Today’s Writing Prompt:

Click on this image to open in a new tab, then right click to save.

Actual history of this photo:  As soon as I stepped outside Target and looked for my car, I spied this vehicle parked next to mine.  I thought it was kind of funny how much stuff was loaded on the back, but when I stepped around to open my door and glanced in their passenger seat, I knew I had to get the camera out.
Photo: ©R. Carrera

Let’s talk:  Will you be participating in my new Writing Prompt Wednesdays?  Would you have taken a photo of this car if it was parked next to yours?  Do you ever take photos of strange things you encounter during your daily travels for no other reason but to document what you saw?

22 thoughts on “Dear Writer…

  1. Go for it, young Rachel. A splended idea I might take up myself a little later in the year as we’re off to France soon…providing the coronavirus doesn’t hold sway, which with the way things are going, it might. More on that later. Regardfs, The Old Fool

  2. I love this idea and hope it takes off like the critters that skitter in your orbit. 🐍🕸🐸 i am looking forward to playing along! I am doing a monthly feature on my blog where I introduce a follower and ask a few getting to know you questions. I would be honored to have you over as a guest. Think about it. If you’re interested I’ll email you some questions. 🤓

  3. Wait. You want ME to feature in your perfectly innocent blog?!
    I don’t think you’ve properly thought this one through, my dear. 😉

  4. I have a hard time keeping up with the poetry prompts I do and occasionally hosting dVerse . . .but perhaps. 🙂
    You’ve seen my posts, so you know I take photos of strange things I see.

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