Things are looking DOWN…

Hello, friends.  Last week when I told you things were looking up after my recent gallbladder surgery, I apparently evaluated my condition prematurely.  Today, I am EXTREMELY ANNOYED to say the least.  The VERY least.

In fact, please pardon the “French,” but I’m fucking pissed!  If you have a weak stomach, you’ll probably want to skip the rest of this paragraph and the next one.*  I was feeling a lot better after my surgery.  They gave me two to three weeks off work instead of just one because of all the pus that was in my gallbladder and the fact that I’m allergic to antibiotics.  So I was working half days and still getting pretty worn out from just four hours of office work, but still, I was hopeful that things were definitely improving.

Then on Tuesday, just two weeks post surgery, I woke up with a “tummy ache,” and my belly was more swollen than it had been at my post surgery check-up the Friday before.  I went to work for the morning, and while I was there, I just felt “off.”  People started telling me I looked grey and not good at all.  When I came home for the day at lunchtime, I ate some broth and crackers soaked in broth (which was my only meal of the day).  About an hour later, I puked broth and crackers.  Then I had three more rounds of puke, which can only be described as black sludge!  And in that black sludge, there were four “hard things” that looked like cat turd and were the size and shape of a tube of Chapstick!  (Keep in mind, I ate nothing solid.)  I won’t even disgust you further by describing the foul stench.  HOW NASTY!

*The weak at heart can continue reading here –>  So I immediately called the surgeon’s office and spoke to his nurse, and said, “I think I just vomited feces.”  She told me the doc was in surgery for the rest of the day, but if I felt it was an emergency, I should go to the hospital.  Otherwise, she’d talk to the doc and call me the next morning.

The next morning, I was even more swollen, and I hadn’t heard from anyone by 9:30 (they open at 8:00), so I called them back.  The nurse told me to go to the lab and get bloodwork and an x-ray.  So I got the bloodwork, then the x-ray.  The x-ray tech had me take off my bra because it had metal wires, but she said I could wear my pants because they were elastic (because I was so swollen) and had no metal.  She ran two x-rays then called in her supervisor.  There was “something metal” showing up near my left ovary.

They checked my pants, my panties, my gown, and the table, and found no metal.  They asked me repeatedly if I was “sure” I never had any other surgeries on the left side.  (Did I forget being sliced open before?   Uh, NO!  Of course I haven’t had more surgeries that I forgot about!)  So they assumed it was on the film, and ran a second set of x-rays.  When the metal showed up again, they ran a third set.  It showed up in all three sets.  It’s about the size of a pinky fingernail.  I asked to see, and they showed me.  It’s definitely something that was NOT there in the x-rays I had three weeks ago before surgery.

So I got home before noon and waited for the doctor to call me with the results.  (I have to wonder if the titanium clip they put on during my gallbladder removal didn’t slip off…  I did NOT see the gallbladder clip on the x-rays, but then again, I only looked briefly, and I was looking at the foreign metal.)  When the doctor hadn’t called by 3:45, I called, and his nurse said they didn’t have the results in yet (even though it’s from the same facility), and she’d call me as soon as they did.  I told her my concern about the metal, and she made a note of it.

Today, I woke up even more swollen, and I went to work.  I expected to get a call telling me they need to schedule surgery to remove this thing (and possibly put it back where it belongs).  When I didn’t get a call by 9:45, I called them and was told that the doctor and nurse were both in surgery until the afternoon.  The nurse called me close to 1:00, and said the doctor says my x-ray results are “fine.”  I asked about the metal thing, and she put me on hold then said he again said I’m fine.  I reminded her how swollen I am, and she put me on hold yet again, then said the doctor said he doesn’t believe it’s related to surgery and I should make an appointment with my primary care doctor.  I then got a little postal.  Just a little.  I told her I was rather perturbed, to say the least, that two days ago I called to tell her I’m puking shit, I’m swollen several inches, and the doctor hasn’t even wanted to see me, and two days later he tells me to see someone else!

So I called the GI doctor (from the same facility) who referred me to the surgeon, and his nurse was with patients, so I told my story to the lady who answered.  Only this time, I was a bit more forceful.  I asked if I needed to make an appointment with him, or perhaps if I needed to make an appointment with a different facility altogether to get a second opinion.  She said the doctor was booked, but she referred me to their after-hours annex where I am supposed to be in about an hour.

What’s really frustrating is that with tomorrow being Friday, if this annex doctor also tells me things are fine, I don’t foresee being able to get an appointment anywhere else until next week at earliest, not to mention being able to obtain copies of all my films and records to take.  So I’ll keep swelling over the weekend and hopefully not die before I talk to you all again, not that these turkeys seem to care.  (And people wonder why I have such mistrust for most doctors.)


Anyway, that’s the update, friends.  Thank you for allowing me to vent.  I hope you all have a much better weekend than I’ll probably have.  I miss you guys!


65 thoughts on “Things are looking DOWN…

  1. I couldn’t “Like” this, Rachel. Maybe you should go to the ER. Vomiting feces and having a strange metal thing show up in an X-ray sounds serious to me. Your doctor (or the nurse who is relaying the messages) sounds awful. Hope whatever it is is not actually serious and you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Rachel, this sounds so serious! I would walk into the emergency room and ask for a whole new perspective. When someone is honest and admits something is there, a mistake was made then get someone to copy this down and fix it, then sue!

  3. PS. My prayers are with you, dear Rachel. We may not always connect but I believe for off and on over 2 years you and I have read posts of each other’s. Good luck and great skin is nor a good sign either. Hugs! ♡

  4. Oh goodness, that must be very frustrating! I’ve had trouble with not knowing what was wrong with me before and I know how annoying it can be going to doctors who just have no idea either. I hope it all is resolved soon.

  5. Times like this our NHS should be open to you…whatever is going on young Rachel you know both Shirley and I care passionately you get sorted asap…I’ll happily shout at people for you if that helps, what with me being quite good in ranting mode…do please let us know how things go…promise?

  6. Oh no! I’ll definitely be praying for you… I hope you’ll be okay!
    People who tell you you’re okay when clearly you’re not just annoy me. And sometimes their incompetence is just downright dangerous.

  7. OH. EM. GEE. I think you should be in emerg already. There is so much wrong with what you’ve pointed out here. I so hope you are in the hospital being checked over as I type this. Wow, yes,please let us know ASAP what is going on. Huge hugs for you too. xxoo…

  8. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!? As phantomwriter143 says, GET THEE TO THE ER!! STAT!!!! You are looking at the abysmal state of the US medical system in action – and it could kill you. PLEASE PLEASE GO THE THE ER!!! If the surgeon nicked your colon, or the metal is a floating lip, you easily could die from infection. Baby, if I was close, I would come to your house and Force you into the car to drive you to the ER myself! Let us know what is going on with you, we care!

  9. I have the same distrust of the medical profession. My experience over the recent holidays, for which I went to the ER on Xmas Eve, were less than satisfactory ( ). In fact, the last several times I’ve been to an ER, unless I had an open, bleeding wound, they picked the least possible cause and said that must be it. Had they investigated properly, maybe I wouldn’t be in the pain I’m in on a continuous basis.
    I wish you the best getting your situation sorted out. There has to be ONE doctor that will actually do the work to find out what the problems are. Somewhere. Right?

  10. Oh Rachel, this does not sound good. I am alarmed that the surgeon wouldn’t see you immediately. That is shocking. I have to agree with the other comments, you must got to the ER. None of this sounds like regular post recovery stuff. I hope you have been seen by now and are on the mend. Lots of love to you. Xxx

  11. You are not being treated well, Rachel. I thought this sort of thing didn’t happen your side of the Atlantic. Go to whatever your equivalent to accident and emergency is and tell the whole story, graphically. If you get no satisfaction there, ring your lawyer and the local radio station.

  12. Rachel, it sounds like your surgeon isn’t taking you seriously, esp. since it sounds like he hasn’t actually looked at you in person since you reported your issue. I concur with everyone else–get your ass to an ER, and definitely go to a different doctor for a second opinion. What is happening is not right. At. All. Keep us posted.

  13. I’m sad to hear this Rachel. Hopefully as I write this things are improving and you’re on your way to good health again. Definitely look forward to hearing good news from you 🙂

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