The Memory Wall

Today in the United States, it’s Veterans Day, a day we use to pay homage to all the men and women who’ve served in the armed forces to defend our nation’s freedom.  (This is not to be confused with Memorial Day which is used to honor and remember service members who died while in service for their country.)

Recently, I had the pleasure of writing, directing, and producing a Veterans Day commercial for my boss.  Unfortunately, due to certain difficulties with legal red tape, this probably won’t be seen until next years’ Veterans Day, so I’m not allowed to let you see it just yet.  However, I can show you a still photo of the “Memory Wall” I got to make for the backdrop.

Memory Wall

(Don’t worry – The uniforms were straightened before the shooting of the actual commercial.)

Two of these vintage uniforms were from World War II era, and the other two were from the Korean War and Vietnam era.  Most of the photos were from the World War II era.  (Unfortunately, I didn’t get a still photo of the numerous vintage military medals we used at the end of the commercial which were also really cool.)

So, to all of you who have served, I thank you, and Happy Veterans Day!

15 thoughts on “The Memory Wall

  1. Rachel, stopped by and was glad to hear of your project for Veterans Day. I like your memory wall. It was good for me to know what wars the uniforms were worn. I feel all who serve deserve respect and your tribute will be appreciate.

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