I normally don’t eat fast food.  Not because I’m uppity or anything like that, but because I have so many food allergies/intolerances, that it’s a waste of money if I just puke it up after I eat it anyway.  Anyhow, a few weeks ago while I was dealing with the grind of work, I had absolutely no energy, and I decided to stop for breakfast on my way to the office.

That morning, I had to drop my car at the shop for a repair, so I rode through the Burger King drive-thru and ordered an egg and cheese croissant minus the bacon, dropped off my car, then had someone drop me off at work.

Since I was extra early and the first one there, I decided to eat in the breakroom, so I poured a big glass of milk, got some napkins and salt, and sat down to the table.  As I opened the bag, something smelled funny… kind of smoky.  I suspected they forgot to make my sandwich without bacon, and I was a little irritated that I’d have to pull it off myself and lose all the cheese that would’ve inadvertently melted to it.  Grrr!

Anyway, I unwrapped the sandwich, opened the top, and saw there was no bacon.  Good.  I picked it up to take a bite, and that same smoky flavor overpowered me.  Oops!  I don’t know what that smell is but I forgot my salt.  Frustrated, I set the sandwich back down, opened the top bun and salted it, then picked it up again to eat.  But before I could take a bite, my phone rang.  Dang!

After hanging up from my call, I picked the sandwich up a third time when I realized that I’d left my milk on the counter.  I irritably threw the sandwich down, fetched my glass of milk, then returned to the table only to discover this:


GROSS!  Have you ever seen anything so disgusting from a so-called restaurant?  (Okay, I actually have, but that’s another story.)

Obviously, I didn’t eat that nasty thing, but I at least thought to photograph it before I tossed it.  I was so angry!  I was hungry, I lost my food and my money, and I didn’t even have my car to go tell Burger King what I thought of them.

Later that evening, I actually did go back to the restaurant and show them that photo, but they refused to refund my money!  They said they could only issue a breakfast refund at breakfast time, so if I really wanted my money back, I could come back the following morning.   I said, “Screw it,” and I stormed out and never went back.  And I probably never will.  [So, Burger, King, I hope your employees’ ineptitude at assembling a simple sandwich and refunding a couple of bucks for your obvious gaffe was really worth  all the business besides mine that you could stand to lose in this day and age of social media and a camera at our fingertips.  #BurgerKingSucks]

Let’s talk: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever gotten at a fast food restaurant?  Did you photograph it at the time?  Did you get a refund?

18 thoughts on “Unacceptable!

  1. Rachel–you’ve jumped back with a bang! 🙂
    So sorry about your breakfast experience. I hope you got a good lunch! That’s awful that Burger King wouldn’t refund your money. They should have done so AND issued a big apology. That they didn’t simply shows that they do not value their customers.

    I guess I am “uppity.” I don’t eat fast food, except for highway stops or something like that.

  2. That’s a really silly policy, Burger King. You just cost yourself way more than $2.89 in bad faith and viral publicity. Do you think that photo may take off on social media, store manager? District manager? Regional manager? State manager? Goofy looking King?

    Rant on, Rachel. Great to have you back, my friend. I missed you very much. Eat well on your own terms. Stay off the salt, FYI.

  3. I don’t remember the specific food right now, but I was at Taco Bell and had requested the fried cinnamon sweet. I took them home to eat and they were inedible. I took them back, and after some argy-bargy they made me a fresh batch.

  4. You have delivered up yet another reason to avoid those places like the plague young Rachel…burger and/or coffee franchises are the root cause of the physical demise of the western world.

      • This night (not that I can eat it being veggie and that) I shall be cooking a Greek very slow cooked lamb dish, plus obligatory Greek salad with my own honey and French mustard dressing, sage saddled back roast spuds plus a selection of smelly cheeses to be taken with warm Italian breads for our young Croatian friend and her English husband!

  5. The worst thing that ever happened to me is they forgot to pack my sandwich so I ended up only having a salad for dinner. I complained and they also just offered me a credit for the next time I went there. I did go back and use the credit though. Part of it is that I know my kids like the restaurant so I felt like staying mad about it would have been like cutting off my nose to spite my face. From now on, I always make sure I have all my food before pulling out, no matter how many people are behind me. I never considered the fact that once I get the food home it might be inedible. That’s pretty inexcusable.

  6. That’s crazy! You would think that as someone is putting the sandwich together they would know the sandwich you showed is inedible. That is another reason why I stopped eating at fast food restaurants years ago–I feel the employees do not care about the customers and what they’re serving. Thanks for sharing Rachel 🙂

  7. I know I’ve had instances like this. The worst was luke-warm Domino’s pizza. Blech. That happened when I was a young teenager and, to this day, I can’t smell Domino’s without feeling nauseated.
    So sorry about your terrible experience! Shame on them!

  8. Fate was trying to stop you from eating it with all those distractions… I’m glad it worked, what a disgusting mess! And they asked you to come back for a refund in the morning??? How absurd! They have forgotten what customer service means!

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