Well, friends, it’s time again for me to reveal another commercial I wrote, directed, and produced.  This is the third in a long series of ads for my boss and attorney friend, and I’m really excited about them.

If you’ve seen the others, you know that they start off with a little boy who portrays the attorney in the early 1960s when he was a child, then they transition into him as an adult.  The hitch with this commercial was that our little actor who plays him as a child can’t yet ride a two wheel bike, so we had to hire his cousin for a stunt double.

It’s been so much fun shopping for all the vintage toys and clothes for these commercials, but I think the purchase my boss has loved best was when he bought the Stingray bike we used in this one.

Some behind the scenes fun is that while the actor can ride a two-wheeler, the ramp was actually over two feet high, and was a little too steep.  So we belted him to the ramp and blew a lawn blower at him for some of the commercial, and for the rest, we actually had two large, musclebound men at the end of the ramp, and as the boy rode to the end, one man caught him while another man caught the bike.  It took nearly three hours of nothing but him riding to the end of the ramp before we got just the right footage to play for the fifteen seconds you see here:

Once again, I added the link rather than embedding the video so that you can click on it and go to our YouTube page… and hopefully, you’ll “Like” the video on YouTube so that my boss will keep me around(Thank you very much!)

P.S. As before, my Proud Mama Moment is that my son Jeremy did the audio engineering for the music and the voiceover.

Time to talk:  What kind of bike did you have when you were a kid?  What was the riskiest bike trick you ever did?

21 thoughts on “Stingray!

  1. So lets get this straight young Rachel! You effectively torture a young actor for commercial gain…never heard the like of it…I shall export my socialism to America and change the world! Having spoken all that drivel well done both you and Jeremy…so professional…bravo to you both.

  2. Really like the old timey feel of the commercial. Nicely done! When I was a bit older, I used to ride my bike a few miles to college through the streets up Brooklyn without a helmet. I think that was a risky enough bike trick, don’t you think? Heh, heh

  3. We all had banana bikes. They were transportation, and we never did tricks. We did try to time the airplanes so we could cross the runway. The best fishing hole was over there. I wouldn’t have ridden that bike though. It looks like a girl’s bike.

  4. Nicely done! And thanks for sharing your “behind-the-scenes” experiences.
    One of my daughters never learned to ride a bike. I don’t remember my bike as a child. I think it was red. Now I do all of my bike riding indoors at spin class. 🙂

  5. That is an AWESOME bike. 😀
    For some reason, I like old bikes and cars better. I don’t know why. I didn’t ever feel comfortable with the loaner car from the dealership, it was so glossy and quiet and it was easy to accelerate WAY too fast.

  6. Best one yet, Rachel. There is a certain generation where Stingrays were it! Yes, me, with the banana seat and motorcycle handlebars through junior high. Then the big boy bike came along. Hey, this is your best video work yet, my friend.

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