A Picture’s Worth…

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words…  I hope that’s true, because for today’s Throwback Thursday, I’ve got nothin’!  Actually, I’m so busy at work, I’ve barely had time to breathe, much less do anything fun.  If any of you have noticed me missing on the Blogfront, that’s why.  (I promise to be back soon and catch up reading and commenting on all of your blogs, as well as my own.)  But in the meantime, for today’s TBT, presented for your approval are some old and not-so-old photos I took them with the thought of doing something with them someday…  I guess today’s that day, and this is the something…

Time to talk:  Which photo do you like the best and why?

29 thoughts on “A Picture’s Worth…

      • I initially read that as, ‘in a fight’! They are rather lovely though. Just this week we spotted a bloke in the High Street scoffing a sandwich as he went about his way. In an instance a gull swooped down and nicked it…they are getting very brave but I still like them. Above the café we use there is a cat with three kittens sharing a flat roof area with a gull with a couple of baby gulls. They are only about 2 foot apart yet seem to get on fine…we see them everyday! 100% true…shame I don’t still have the long zoom lens.

  1. These are really well done. I never knew you were such a talented photographer. I actually like the top picture of the back of the car because I didn’t know what it was at first. Thought it was some kind of ultra modern avant-garde type thing, but no. Just a car and some palms.

  2. Rachel, I’m voting for the feather on wood too! Making it a little bigger, it could be a deck overlooking an ocean, or a dock at a lake’s shore line. There are birds, especially baby birds learning to fly. Plenty of bushes and tall shade trees. All very tranquil and quiet, except for nature sounds. Chryssa

  3. One: This sure ain’t nuthin’, dear Rachel.

    Two: My favorite is Freewheelin’. I feel as if the birds will take me away with them to an exciting journey into the wild blue yonder, while everybody can watch us from their pretty houses their on the shore …

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