Another Commercial

In June, I told you how the first TV commercial I wrote, directed, and produced was finally approved by The Florida Bar and had finally made it to the airwaves.  Since then, we’ve shot several more, and the second one was approved.

A cool thing about this one is that it’s based on reading.  Would you like to see it?  If so, please click on the following link:

I added the link rather than embedding the video so that you can click on it and go to our YouTube page… and hopefully, you’ll “Like” the video on YouTube so that my boss will keep me around(Hint, hint, and thank you very much!)

P.S. Once again, my Proud Mama Moment is that my son was the audio engineer for the music and the voiceover.

Time to talk:  Did you watch the video?  Do you prefer attorney commercials where the lawyer speaks?


22 thoughts on “Another Commercial

  1. I think it was nicely done. I liked the way it showed a friendly relationship between the older woman and the lawyer. Often, when the businessman/lawyer speaks to the audience in a commercial, it’s just kind of stiff anyway.

  2. Great job, Rachel! It’s very sharp!
    I think this type of commercial is better than one in which the actual attorney talks (and maybe doesn’t sound great). The serving God part still turns me off, but I imagine it is a plus for others. 🙂
    The older woman reminds me of my husband’s grandmother–his mother’s mother–who was a very sweet woman.

  3. It’s so rare to see an attorney express his faith views in a commercial. I LOVE it!!! And yeah, I actually hate when attorneys voice their own commercials. Find another way to be creative, people!!!
    You did a fantastic job!

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