Game On!

I was thrilled to be tagged by the lovely Ali Isaac to take part in the following writing challenge.  I actually first read about this challenge when Craig Boyack did it, and an hour or so after that, I found it again on Ali’s site, and was happily shocked to find she had tagged me, because it sure sounded like fun.  (Thanks, Ali!)

Anyway, this is how it works…

1. Open a Word document.

2. Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes, whichever challenge you think you can beat.

3. Your topic is at the bottom of this post BUT DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH YOUR TIMER!!!

4. Fill the page with as many words as you can. Once you start writing, do not stop.  Do not cheat by going back and correcting spelling and grammar using spellcheck.  (It’s only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write the right spelling and stick to grammar rules).  You may or may not pay attention to punctuation or capitals, (however, it would be preferable if you did).

5. At the end of your post write “Number of words = ____” so that we have an idea of how much you can write within the time frame.

6. Don’t forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog with a new topic for your nominees, and paste these rules with your nomination of at least 5 bloggers.

My challenge was: If you could go back in time to any period in history, when would it be, and why?

I set my phone’s timer to 10 minutes, and here’s what I came up with, typos and all:

If I could go back to any time in history is a loaded question for me.  You see, I’d really like to answer by telling you how much I’d love to live in the Reanaissance Era, but that would take me too long to research to be able to provide you with the appropriate facts.  I’ll also avoid the cliché answer of reliving a certain day or time of my own life and doing it “better.”  So my next choice would be the late 1950s/early 1960s.  You see, I love the music and television from back then.  I also love the clothing.  (Well, I’m more partial to the 60s clothes than the 50s.)  But more importantly, I like that the time was simple and innocent.  Back then, people were more “polished” than they are now.  Men wore hats and suits to travel, and women wore dresses.  Kids behaved better.  Employers took care of their employees, and workers took pride in their jobs.  People kept up with politics, and were good neighbors to the people areound them.  Today, too many people pass you by without even bothering to look up long enough not to bump into you, much less smile, nod or give you the time of day.  Today, we’re more worried with how we’ll be contacted next, whether it be cell phone call, text, instant message, etc., that we don’t always stop to appreciate the little things.  Back then, stores were closed on Sundays, and they were never open 24 hours.  People stayed home with their families at night.  Nowdays, people tote their 2 year olds around Walmart at midnight while their other three small children are running up and down the aisles.  Those parents have no clue that their kids need sleep and should have been in bed hours before.

Well, I was on a roll (as I stood on my soapbox), when my timer went off at 301 words.  (Technically, I was in the middle of typing the last word.  And to be quite honest, my phone messed up somewhere in the middle, and I had to try to figure out where I was in time, so I’m sure it’s probably between 50 to 100 words, give or take, less than that.)  Re-reading it, I sure sound like a bitch, don’t I?  LOL!  But at any rate, speed-writing with no mental preparation is not as easy as it might seem.  Wow!  Kudos to those who participated in this exercise before me.

I’d like to tag the following people to take part in this challenge, and I hope that you do join in; but please don’t feel pressured, if it’s not something you want to do.  It’s all in good fun!

Dena Rogers

Phantom Writer

Rhonda Blackhurst

Kate Loveton

C.B. Cook

Your challenge is… Please don’t scroll down to find out what it is until you’re ready to start! Thanks!






If you won the lottery and money were no object, how would you spend the rest of your life?


17 thoughts on “Game On!

  1. I must say young Rachel that as a professionally diagnosed dyslexic I think this game rather cruel…indeed I shall be reporting you to the RDTFSP which as you well know stands for The Royal Society for the Protection of Dsy..dyex…d…dx…um…dyslexics!

  2. Wow, Rachel! You did a great job! I don’t think I could write that well under pressure without lots of corrections. 🙂

    Of course, I have to say the 1950s and 1960s were not that innocent, nor ideal–there was segregation, blacklisting and McCarthyism, restricted rights for women, gays and lesbians had to stay closeted. . .and not everyone was a good neighbor.

    • Yes, those are definitely bad points I didn’t consider… but remember I only had 10 minutes. 😉 I just read something the other day that was about all the rights women did NOT have before 1960, and it was pretty sad. But I think I daydream about this era when I get exposed too much to some of my kids’ disrespectful (understatement!) friends. 🙂

  3. I actually like what you wrote in your challenge. I agree, I would love to revisit and live in the past. Today, people are not sociable as they used to be. Maybe blame technology?, but I feel humans are becoming more separated from each other. Thanks for sharing as always 🙂

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