As the end of spring draws near…

…so do the numerous sightings of beautiful butterflies.  I don’t know why it’s so much fun for little kids to trace their hands or feet, but for today’s Throwback Thursday, I want to share a two-part art project that I made in kindergarten:  Feet Butterflies.

I still remember when Mrs. Cook traced my little feet to make this project.  I have no idea why we were only allowed to use four construction paper dots on the toes instead of five.  But I loved using glitter and glue, and I especially loved getting to use sequins as eyes!

I wonder if anyone else that was in my kindergarten class still has any of their Mrs. Cook projects?  I wonder if Mrs. Cook had any idea that decades later, the fun projects she helped create would not only still be preserved, but then posted on a forum where the entire world could see them?

Let this be a lesson to you teachers out there in Blogland…  You make more of a difference to the kids you teach than you may realize.  And also, thirty or forty years from now, there’s no telling what kind of advances in technology there may be…  For all you know, one of your students just might be showcasing a project you helped them with… on the moon!

Time to talk:  What’s the oldest school paper or project you or your parents have saved?  What grade were you in when you had your favorite teacher?  Are there butterflies still prevalent in your neck of the woods?


27 thoughts on “As the end of spring draws near…

  1. I feel sure you will not believe me but this is true…back in the day at junior school they had me make an cigarette ashtray out of brass! I found it again after all those years when me old mum snuffed it and I was turning over her things! There would be a parental riot if schools sanctioned stuff like that now!

  2. As spring draws to end… I CAN’T WAIT FOR FREAKIN’ SUMMER!

    Ok now that that is out of my system Rachel, let me say that your feet butterfly is very cute. The oldest school project I had for the longest time was a 16-page composition I wrote in grade 3. I don’t know where it went; I don’t have it anymore, but I remember we were supposed to write 3 pages and I went above and beyond! ❤
    Diana xo

  3. Rachel!!! I’m so glad you’re back on the blogosphere!
    I think my oldest stuff is from some vacation Bible schools I went to as a wee little tot. Before kindergarten, I think. But they’re stashed away at my parents’ house.
    As for butterflies, although they’re pretty, I don’t like them. They look too much like moths and I have an insane fear of moths. (Crazy story). So I stay away.
    And my favorite teacher was my Honors and AP English teacher in high school. Without a doubt, she influenced me more than any other teacher I had. And I think I had some pretty good ones!

  4. Adorable projects, Rachel! I think my father might have had some projects of mine, but they’re all gone now. I have a few things my girls made.

    I don’t think we see butterflies around here until later in the summer. Too cold here this week anyway.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. i love these, rachel. i have a family picture i made and my first story, a royal romance, that i made when i was very young. i treasure them. and the things my daughters have made when young are irreplaceable to me.

  6. You and your darling art projects, Rachel! ❤ Five years ago, on the 35th anniversary of our high school graduation, a bunch of my classmates and I went back and forth about how much we loved our sixth grade teach and Northside Elementary, Mr. Leo (the Lion) Nolan. We all agreed that he was the first teacher that shaped our lives.

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