I hate it when this happens…

The other morning, I was already exhausted as I went to leave for work, when THIS happened… As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get three of the lug nuts loose.  Either they were excessively tight, or I was excessively tired.  Luckily Jeremy hadn’t left yet, and he gave me a hand. Unfortunately, I’ve changed so many flat tires in my life, I could be an expert.  Once, I had all four tires slit, one per night, four days in a row.  That was neither fun nor cheap!  Numerous times, I’ve had flats while I’ve been traveling on a major highway, or at night, or with small kids in the car.  None of those are fun either.  Once, and I don’t know how this happened, I got a flat from a wire coat hanger which remained stuck in the tread! At least this time, the hole was in a place where it could be patched.  I really hate when it’s just outside the tread zone where you’re forced to buy a new tire, especially if the current one isn’t that old.

Let’s talk:  Have you ever changed a flat tire yourself?  Did you know that many new cars these days do not include a jack as a standard piece of equipment, but as an add-on amenity? 


29 thoughts on “I hate it when this happens…

      • The scissors thing is quite amazing really…good thing you know a lawyer methinks! By the way I am taking a couple of weeks off blogging because we have to get the hallway, stairs and landing ready and decorated before the plumber fits new radiators and the other guy sorts out some debatable floorboards prior to laying a new carpet…I can’t write in those conditions so at the back end of next week we are taking ourselves off the France. The place we are renting boasts ‘occasional internet’ – imagine someone in the States or even the UK selling the benefits thus! Whatever I’m taking your advice and going to spend the mornings there with all the poems on a memory stick so I can pick out favourites and put them in book form – not looking to sell books just a swift self publish and buy 15 copies myself to give to offspring and grand-kids so one day they see what a twat Granddad was!

      • I think that is the best idea EVER! And you’ll at least sell 16 copies, because I’ll be buying one! (And I know tons of your blog followers will want to buy it too!) Now remember while you’re in France, stay away from the girls’ school with that camera so you don’t get in hot water. 😉 (Remember last time?) Have a fun holiday and good luck with the book! I’m here help if you need me. 🙂 ❤

  1. Many many times. I used to work in the back country as a young man. We carried two spares so we didn’t have to stop working. We had about one flat every two weeks. I’m more inclined to call AAA these days.

  2. I’ve only changed one tire in my life Rachel. My boyfriend thought I should know how so he made me do it on our 63 Chevy pick up truck when I was in my 20s. The lug nuts were seized and he told me if you pee on them they loosen up. Yeah. Thanks. Butt head. haha ❤
    Diana xo

  3. I guess it’s good you discovered this before you left and not during the ride! My husband has shown me how to change a tire, but I’ve never done it. I had to get a new tire recently, but he took it to a tire place. 🙂

  4. What a bummer! I had a flat once and tried to loosen the lug nuts and they wouldn’t budge. I was seriously standing on the lug nut wrench. Still wouldn’t budge. I finally called a friend to come and help. I was trying to turn it the wrong way. Was I embarrased! lol

  5. Yes, I’ve changed a tire many times, Rachel. However, my Chevy Cruze not only doesn’t have a jack, it doesn’t even have a donut spare. Nada. Just a can of fix-o-flat. And high hopes, I guess. Knock on wood.

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