The Debut

Back in March, I told you how this year I’ve been busy writing, directing, and producing some TV commercials for an attorney friend of mine.  Sounds fun, right?  (It is!)  However, unlike commercials for other products or services, in the State of Florida, any ads for attorneys must be carefully reviewed by The Florida Bar (and that review process isn’t cheap, either).  It’s a very tedious process, and it can take them up to six weeks to give their answer.

For example, we recently sent in some radio commercials for review, and two of them were denied because of three words.  The original dialogue said, “…Now I’m double board certified in Civil Trial and Workers’ Compensation…”  The Bar nixed these because they wanted them to say, “…Now I’m Florida Bar double board certified in Civil Trial and Workers’ Compensation law…”  So we had to re-record them before we were allowed to send them to the radio stations.

However, I’m pleased to announce that our first television commercial was approved and is now being shown on two local TV stations.  (I’m also frustrated to admit that I think everyone I know has actually already seen my commercial on TV but me!)  As I’ve told you before, these commercials will be a series of more than a dozen ads.  The second one is at The Bar right now for review, and the third is just waiting for the musician to record the song.

Oh!  I also need to sneak a Proud Mama Moment in… My son Jeremy did all the sound engineering for the music and the voiceover (and he also engineered the radio spots, as well).  Furthermore, both my kids are featured as extras in six commercials we shot recently, so I’ll be excited to share those when they’re ready.

Anyway, I wanted to share my producing debut with you, so here goes:

I actually only put the link (rather than embedding the video) above so that you can click on it and go to our YouTube page… and hopefully, you’ll “Like” the video on YouTube so that my boss will keep me around.  (Hint, hint, and thank you very much!)

Please click “Like” on YouTube. Thank you!

Time to talk:  Did you watch the video?  Did you have any idea that lawyers had to go through so much just to get an ad aired in public?


18 thoughts on “The Debut

  1. The video looks great. Wonderful photography and sound!! Seriously, I LOVE the way it looks. It makes sense that legal associations would want the language to be precise, but I never thought about it in terms of advertising. So happy for you, Rachel, that this has come about. You’ve worked so hard on it.
    On a personal note– I’m sure it’s something that he wanted and comes from his deep commitment, but the serving God part in the advertisement actually has a negative effect on me. Probably just me. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. And yes, I understand about the God part… I’m kinda funny that way, too. I like to keep my God relationship personal and not see Him in movies and such. 🙂

  2. The advertisement turned out great. I think it’s neat that you were a part of this. Looking forward to seeing the other commercials you created!!!

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