The Monthly Report – Four Down, Eight to Go…

Well, April slipped away before I knew it.  It’s time once again for my monthly report.  I’m pleased to tell you all that for the first time this year, I am FINALLY not coughing anymore!  After my last monthly report, I went back to my doctor, not actually expecting him to find anything, when lo and behold, he said I had acute bronchitis!  I ended up with twenty days’ worth of antibiotics (500 mg., four times a day!), as well as two bottles of prescription cough syrup.  Ugh!  It was actually quite a pain taking all those meds, but, wow, I feel so much better!  (Thank you again to all of you who sent me your warm wishes.)

Caring for my birth mom is tedious to say the least.  All that big talk I had last month about forgiveness and putting the toxic relationship behind us is a thing of the past now.  It’s still toxic.

The job is going well.  Soon, the attorney will be hiring someone to take over all the case files I’ve been working, and I’ll be doing only the marketing which is the part I enjoy.  The downside is that I still don’t have much (if any) free time once everything else is done, so sadly, my blogging as well as my writing are suffering.

I’m slowly but surely still working on editing the various stages the seven book drafts I’d written previously.  I hope that at least before summer ends, I can be done with those and get back to working on my current WIP and get that first draft finalized.

And best of all, because I’m finally not sick any longer, this month, my sister Michelle and I are going to be able to start our running program at last.  In fact, by the time this pre-scheduled post is live, we hope to have been at it for three days.  (However, if for some reason it has not happened as planned, I’ll have to consider it a bad omen to have mentioned it, and I’ll be giving up the monthly reports altogether.)

So that’s all for me this month, folks.  How about you?  Is your year going as planned?  Can you believe 2015 is one-third gone already? 

33 thoughts on “The Monthly Report – Four Down, Eight to Go…

  1. Oh my, are you ever busy Rachel! I hope you find some ‘you time.’ and you get a chance to just be, without thinking about anything in particular. ❤
    Diana xo

  2. Happy to hear the meds helped and you are well! No, don’t give up the monthly reports if you didn’t get the running plan started. There’s always a reason for delays! Once the thought is there, you’ll get it started. Have a wonder-filled day! Christine

  3. Like you said, the year is flying by! Sometimes you think you have so much time in the beginning and then as the days pass, you realize you don’t, especially when unexpected things come up. I’m happy to hear that you are feeling better 🙂

  4. So happy you’re feeling better! I just ended a round of antibiotics for a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Ugh! This year is going far too fast. I was hoping my book would be out in June but it’s looking more like July now. Oh well! Enjoy your running program with Michelle. 🙂

  5. Glad you’re feeling better, Rachel. I’ve been working on a morning walking and weight-lifting routine for almost three weeks. It’s made me feel lots better, but it does cut into my blogging time. I usually have to do my workouts in the VERY early morning hours (before my 7:30 a.m. arrival at work in the morning). If I wait until evening, I’m too tired after working a very busy 8 hours and my daily commute. It’s very easy to put the workout off. Doing it in the morning has worked well so far. Downside? I go to bed earlier – which means most of my writing and blogging gets done on weekends. So why am I here on a Wednesday night? I am on VACATION this week! At the beach. Loving life – and getting caught up on some of my favorite

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