Where Cats Hide

Have you ever seen the pet food commercial where the big dogs all think they are small dogs?

My daughter actually has a tiny dog that she carries around in a purse.  Her dog, Snowflake, is a cutie-patootie and is super smart as well.

However, that commercial reminds me of my cat, Dakota a/k/a Stewie.  Though Stewie is the youngest of my brood, he is far from being the smallest.  In fact, he weighs more than all but one of my five cat-kiddos.

Even so, Stewie considers himself to be a petite man, and he likes to think he can hide anywhere.  One of his favorite places to hide is in grocery bags.

Or if we have visitors who carry large handbags, he will sneak into them as well.

He doesn’t care that the bags don’t belong to his people.  He makes himself right at home.

Let’s talk:  Do you prefer a large purse or a small handbag?  Have you ever lost your pet in another person’s belongings?  What would you do if you found someone else’s pet in your purse after you left their house?


20 thoughts on “Where Cats Hide

  1. Young Rachel you know very well I carry a hessian sack with me at all times although the local ants seem to prefer making a home in my wallet (us chaps don’t have purses). Shirley found a border collie sitting in her garden yesterday uninvited!

      • Oh we’ve had an ant attack this week and the collie tale is true. The poor dog broke through the back fence but was a bit to fat to get back through to his home so he sat there looking bewildered! He got back safely in the end when his owner collected him! No harm done although the ants, sadly will have to go!

  2. My sister has a Labrador…he’s so adorable but he really thinks he’s little…he’s always trying to lay in the smaller dogs bed or wanting us to hold him like a baby. So cute.

  3. Gosh, well I don’t think anything like that has ever happened to me. My cats were kind of skittish and wary of other people as I think most are. It’s great that yours is so friendly…or at least brave!!

  4. I would hide in a women’s bag and hope to be taken home by mistake if I were a cat, Rachel. 🙂

    You’re too funny.

    Puffy used to hide in the front bushes. Toby would disappear out the front door and go who-knows-where and suddenly return to run back in

  5. i have both sizes of purse, use one or the other depending on the situation. both have their advantages. as for finding the pet, i would consider it a bonus. what cute photos!

  6. I had a Pekingese that would hide in large purses, always hoping it was mine, and I once brought someone’s cat home, although no one ever admitted it was theirs. Max was usually returned to me because he was definitely a one mama baby, and I eventually took the cat to the Humane shelter, because of my allergies. I have suspected someone of putting her in my purse on purpose, just to get rid of her.

  7. I have both sizes of handbags. Our cats will also crawl into anything. My husband left a large open box on the dining room table that has leftover shirts from a golf tournament. The cats have been taking turns going into it, and one is sound asleep inside it now. Those shirts should have a nice layer of cat hair on them now!

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