All in all it’s just another brick in the…. closet door?

For today’s Throwback Thursday, I’ll share with you one of the ways I used to exercise my creativity besides writing.  When I was fourteen, I loved the band Pink Floyd.  My favorite Pink Floyd album was “The Wall,” not necessarily because of the music, but I think because of the amazing double album cover art inside.

Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” cover art

As I’ve shared before, my grandparents raised me, and they were excessively strict when it came to the matter of me socializing with other people.  But when I asked my Granddaddy if I could paint The Wall on my double closet doors, he was more than happy to comply.  (Looking back, I now realize that was because he knew it would take me months to complete, and in that time, I’d be happy to stay home rather than asking constantly to go hang out with my friends.)

I started in June of that year, and didn’t finish until December.  It was not the easiest painting to replicate because my doors were different dimensions than a double album cover, and they also had panels in the middle that weren’t flat.

At any rate, at least once every couple of days, I had to walk to the art store to buy more acrylic paint.  (All told, I used over fifty bottles!)  But I always went straight home afterward and painted until bedtime.  (See, Granddaddy was right!)

About three years later, I really wasn’t much into Pink Floyd any longer, but I still planned on keeping my doors as they were the largest art project I’d ever done at the time.  However, when my daughter was small, my Grandma was babysitting her once and allowed her to scribble all over them.  And a few years later when my birth mom moved in with my Grandma, she painted over them without first asking me if I cared to keep them!  Regrettably, I only have one photo of my masterpiece, and that photo is grainy and has a glare.

MY Pink Floyd “The Wall” replica art closet

Time to talk:  What’s the largest art project you’ve ever undertaken?  Would you allow your child to paint a picture on their bedroom wall or door?  What’s your favorite Pink Floyd song?

41 thoughts on “All in all it’s just another brick in the…. closet door?

  1. tough question…us and them or the second side of that album, except money…Meddle, Wish you were here..part 1 and 2…a few on division bells…can’t remember the title, something about can’t talk anymore, and many on the wall, Comfortably numb would be the one that come to my spirit from that album, mother too…as I said tough..I was forgetting Atom Heart Mother, can’t point a song, but Rudy psychedelic breakfast, most of their albums I listen from start to end and to me often it is like two or three long songs…:) As for artwork, I never did very big one, an oil painting on linen, I stretched an prepare myself, bu it was only 36×40 inches..

  2. Neat! You did a really good job with it too!
    Alas, my parents never let me paint anything in my room and I was forced to keep it a pastel pink until I finished college (and then I moved out). :p

  3. Oh that is so awesome!! OMG!! Love it!! What a terrific undertaking! I love Pink Floyd! They have so many great songs. I always kind of liked the rockin’ ones like Run Like Hell but it really just depends on my mood. As for large art undertakings, I really wasn’t much of an artist but often got friends to paint the backs of my denim jackets and MCs. I remember my sister had the album cover for Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) and one of us had Slayer’s South of Heaven.

  4. I don’t know what my largest art project was (I know there are a couple of moderate-sized murals I don’t recall clearly anymore), but I did once paint a life-size, full-length portrait of someone.

    I don’t have offspring, and my cats don’t seem artistically inclined, but if I were a parent, I would allow my children to paint a picture on their wall or door if they wanted.

    My favorite Pink Floyd song is “Learning to Fly.” (That’s not a fair question, you know. Pick just ONE?)

  5. That is so cool, Rachel. Even if your grandfather’s motive was to keep you in, it was still great that they allowed you to paint your doors like that. I’m glad you have one photo of it!

  6. I was never any good at art, but I had a friend who was brilliant. When I bought my first house at the tender age of 20, I let him loose in my living room of all places and he provided me with copies of covers from a number of rock albums at the time. The most memorable image he painted though was part of the movie poster for Jaws. It was the image of the shark itself rising up through the water. The thing is, he painted it over the cistern on the toilet. I had a mirror directly opposite so, if you happened to be… well… occupied, you were presented with the image of a shark rearing up behind you. If you were half asleep it could scare the… Well, you get the idea.

  7. I used to love Pink Floyd too. I went to see the movie when it came out with a boyfriend. He was high, I wasn’t. He loved it, I didn’t. Huh, go figure… 🙂 I used to let my boys create and paint on the inside of the garage door. They did some pretty amazing work there.

    • Yeah, I didn’t appreciate the movie the first time I saw it either, because I was trying too hard to make sense of it. The next time I just watched for artistic appreciation, and liked it much better. Very cool about the garage… I hope you have photos. 😀

  8. Now that is a mural, Rachel. I couldn’t paint drops on the floor. We’ve gone over my lack of art ability before. I would have had you over to paint the Mets logo on my bedroom wall for me. 😉

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