The most embarrassing moment on my way out of the store…

The other day, my sister Michelle and I went to the grocery store in my birth mom’s car so I could pick up a prescription.  The line was long, and we needed to fill the car with gas, so I suggested that Michelle go ahead and drive to the gas station that’s located in the parking lot of the store, and I told her I’d walk over.

The tiny gas station is perpendicular to the exit of the store, so as you walk toward it, you see the side of a small building and gas pumps on both sides, almost like a “Y.”

When I got outside, I saw Michelle back out of the space that was in the aisle to the left of me and drive to the gas pump on the far right.  I wondered why it took her so long to get to the car, and when I got to the end of the aisle I was in, I planned to head to the right.

That’s when I saw Michelle head straight for me from my left.  She was smiling, and she flagged me over.  I blushed and said, “Oh, I thought that other car was you,” as I went to get in the passenger’s side of the car.  I haven’t seen my mom’s car often since she got it, and while I knew the color and basic style, it looked like any other white Nissan SUV.  (However, that was actually not the most embarrassing part!)

As I got close to the window, I could see through the tinted windows that the driver was in fact not my sister flagging me over at all!  She was actually a now-terrified woman who was simply waving for me to cross the road!  I was mortified!

I put my head down and jogged across the street behind her car, then circled around the building to get to my sister where she was in the place I thought she was originally.  How embarrassing!

Time to talk:  What’s your most recent embarrassing moment?  Did anyone you know see you when it happened?