Dear Writer,

Dear Writer,

I’m taking a little census…  If I hosted a day once a week (or perhaps once a month) where writers could share tips and tricks about their writing and editing process, would you be interested in participating?  If I get enough feedback, I’ll post more information about this soon.

And now, let’s talk:  How much did you write or edit this past weekend?  How much have you written or edited this year?

29 thoughts on “Dear Writer,

  1. I am working on a Science Fiction story for the A-to-Z Challenge and so far since the first of April, I’ve written 18,000 words… I usually re-read the previous day’s work, editing a bit, then moving on to the day’s project. This is pretty typical of my writing process.

      • Cheers young Rachel…have so many ideas buzzing around yet can’t seem to get them written down what with all the decorating Shirl’s trying to do plus plumbers here, odd job man there…no peace presently…yes a break is a good idea…may just follow the blogs I like for a few days and see if the ideas pan out into stories. Good idea!

  2. I rarely get to write on weekend cause the kids are alway around. Believe it or not, the time, I set aside for writing is when I’m at work because I’m rarely busy at the office.

  3. I’m trying to edit the novel I wrote (and finished!) during NaNoWriMo last year – and it’s tortuously slow! I’ve only done the first chapter, and we’re nearly halfway through April now. I just really don’t know why I can’t sit my butt down in my chair, and do it, but it’s not happening.

    I would love to get in on discussions about writing and editing, mainly because I love reading other people’s tips and tricks, and I probably have a couple to share myself 🙂

  4. I’ve spent the past 2 1/2 months editing 3 of the stories that I want to start publishing by the end of the year. I would be interested in giving helpful information as well as hearing other’s advice!

  5. So far this year (since January 1, 2015), I have edited one novel of approximately 120K words, plus a couple of short stories that contain around 10K words combined.

    I have no idea how much I’ve written (I assume you aren’t counting blog posts), but it hasn’t been nearly as much — maybe 20K words of bits and pieces for various stories.

  6. Sadly, I haven’t written or edited much this year. Things just seem to get in the way, which is something I really need to work on. I’ve dabbled- or at least that is what I call it! I have finally begun exercising, so I earn points for that, right?

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