But we didn’t eat the worm…

For today’s Throwback Thursday, I want to share with you the story of the time I worked for an attorney who didn’t know how to do tequila shots.  My sister Michelle and I worked for an attorney who we’ll call Philip.

Michelle, Phillip, and I were the only employees in our small, Orlando law firm.  So we frequently went to lunch together and allowed Philip to treat.  Every Thursday, we went to our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant because they had free queso and half-priced desserts on Thursdays.  After we’d been going there about a year, they also added free tequila shots to Thursday to make it more enticing.  Actually, only the first shot was free, but you didn’t have to buy any more if you didn’t want to.

The owner, an older woman, sat up a station by the door, and she would greet customers on their way in with a free shot.  When Philip, Michelle, and I got there that first Thursday, Philip watched while I did my shot then while my sister did hers.

*Side note:  If you don’t know how tequila shots are done, it goes like this…  You rub the back of your left hand (between your thumb and forefinger) with a lime (or lemon) slice, then sprinkle it with salt.  You then hold the lime slice in your left hand and pick up the shot of tequila with your right hand.  When you’re ready, you lick the salt off your left hand, throw back the tequila with your right hand, then suck the lime slice in your left hand.

Philip was up next.  He rubbed his left hand with lime, then salted it and picked up the tequila with his left hand.  He held the lime slice in his right hand, then when he went to lick the salt off his left hand, he poured the tequila down his tie!

We all laughed, and the shot lady told him to try again.  The same thing happened again.  Philip (who was not only an intelligent attorney, but had been a chemical engineer prior to going to law school) couldn’t get that he needed to switch the lime to the left hand after rubbing it on his left hand with his right.

He asked Michelle and I to show him how to do it again, so we complied.  The owner didn’t even charge us for the extra shots because it was so funny.  So when Philip tried a third time, again, it poured down the front of his tie!

We decided to eat and then let him try again on the way out.  So after lunch, he needed us to show him again, and when he tried it, the same thing happened a third time!  By now, quite a crowd was gathered around us cheering him on.  However, he was quite embarrassed and didn’t want to drink alone.  So we all goaded him into giving it one more try, and being the good employees that we were, Michelle and I volunteered to walk through it with him step-by-step.

When we got to the part where he had to lick his hand, I literally stopped him and put the lime in his left hand for him, then we all three resumed.  He finally got it right, and Michelle and I downed our fourth shot within that hour.

That’s not the end of the funny part!

When we got back to the office, Philip went straight to his office and passed out!  He snored so loudly, we could hear him though our own office doors!  So even though Michelle and I each had four shots and Philip only had one, we learned that he was a lightweight.  We turned off his light and closed his door, then proceeded to read Dear Abby and Ann Landers for the rest of the day.  At 5:00, we had to wake him up to go home.

Time to talk:  Have you ever done tequila shots?  Have you ever eaten the worm?  Have you ever known anyone who was not drunk yet they poured Cuervo Gold down the front of their tie?  Has your boss ever fallen asleep at work?