First week of spring, my butt!

I can’t believe it was only last Friday that spring arrived.  Here where I live, today it was 86°F at 5:00 PM!  Yesterday, at 5:45, it was 89°F!  Of course, with the humidity, it feels a good 10°F hotter than that.  I can only imagine how miserable it’s going to be once summer gets here.

Let’s talk:  How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?   Do you prefer extremely hot weather or extremely cold weather and why?  Is it humid where you are?

53 thoughts on “First week of spring, my butt!

  1. So California (San Diego) has great weather. Cooler today in the 70s but we can have Santa Ana hot days in the 80s. And it’s only spring! Summer is hot, dry and beautiful! Christine

  2. I prefer cold, here in Montreal, it’s been a cold winter and springtime is not quite here yet, except today where we finally reach 0 celcius….we had a few -15 c over the last few days…I am longing for warm weather, but I can’t stand humidity and heat…and it is often humid in summer here, so when it gets to 25 c (80 F I think) usually it does become muggy…and uncomfortable…I must be a bear…a polar bear…:)

  3. VERY low humidity where I live now, which makes the hot summers much more pleasant than they’d be otherwise. I remember that when I first moved here almost three years ago, I was standing outside one day talking to my neighbor, and I realized that, although it was 106 F outside (yes, that’s correct — one hundred six degrees Fahrenheit, or 41 C), I wasn’t too hot. Back east, I couldn’t stand the summer weather even at 90 F because of the high humidity (it’s like trying to breathe swamp water, I swear — far too many days of 90 percent or higher humidity). Low humidity means the cold doesn’t feel as cold, and the hot doesn’t feel as hot. I love New Mexico.

    Yesterday was warmer than is typical for the time of year: 77 F, I think. (I don’t know what it’s like today, but I suspect somewhat cooler, since it’s partly cloudy.) The climate in this part of the state (eastern edge, sometimes referred to as “Little Texas”) is wetter than elsewhere — we sometimes have humidity as high as 30 percent! 🙂 Mind you, 30 percent at 4000 feet is less actual water in the air than the same percentage at a lower elevation, because thin air can’t hold as much. The seasons are as follows: winter, dust, summer, rain, autumn, and back to winter; these seasons are not of equal length.

    • That’s absolutely true! People who have never lived in the swampland known as Florida don’t realize when they think they’ve experienced humidity, just how humid it can really get. Even the cold seems colder here in the humidity (except of course when it’s cold and windy up North – then the cold goes right though your bones.)

  4. Tired of the cold. Coldest February ever here. March has been cold for March. Just for fun we have a chance of freezing rain tonight. Having a hard time feeling your pain right now.

  5. We had snow the first day of spring. My husband coaches golf at his high school–and it’s been cold! I don’t prefer hot or cold. I like those few perfect days when it’s a not humid sunny 70s in the day and colder at night. We get them sometimes in the spring and in September. I guess I appreciate them because we don’t have them that often. The best is when we don’t need the heat or a/c! 🙂

  6. Where I am in Nottingham Rachel it is gloomy, glum and spitting the odd hailstone with foreboding of antisocial elements and muggers locally. Looking forward to the hugging season. xx

  7. I’m a Texas girl at heart, so I like things warm, but since I’m a Texas girl who rarely saw snow before moving to Kentucky, I love the snow. However, mother nature was a pain in the ass this year and I saw my fill of it. Ranting aside, Kentucky weather is quite nice. It’s warm, but not too warm in the summers and usually the winters are fairly mild with just a few inches of snow accumulation. Right now we are in the 50’s and it’s a little gloomy with expected rain.

  8. It was almost that warm for a while. Then it cooled off again. Now it’s warming up again. At least we got some of that rain we so desperately needed–it’s been a ridiculously dry couple of months.

  9. On March 31 here in Toronto there is still snow in my back yard – but it is a sunny day & th sidewalks are clear, no Alpine peaks to climb at street corners

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