Where Cats Hide

This is Dakota.  You’ve heard me tell how we rescued him back when I shared stories in my eerie predictions month.  Even though he is officially Dakota, he acts more like a “Stewie,” so we call him Stewie more often than not.

Stewie’s favorite game is hide and seek.  This time when we couldn’t find him, he was hiding in a case of water bottles.  Oh, Stewie!

Let’s talk:  What is your pet’s favorite hiding spot?  Do you drink bottled, filtered, or tap water?  If you drink bottled, what is your favorite brand and why?


41 thoughts on “Where Cats Hide

  1. That is the cutest dang thing ever! Stewie!!! Both of my Westie boys liked to hide under the Parsons chairs in the dining room. Must feel like a little cave to them. Hiding only necessary when the dreaded “B” for bath word is mentioned.

  2. my friends cat hid in the washing machine. She stared the machine, heard the cat meow and rescued her before any harm was done. Moral – check hiding places that could be scary for the cat. Pets do keep us on our toes.

  3. i love the hiding spot. nacho the cat not the food hides under my kitchen cupboards. he frequently strolls out when i’m coming into the kitchen and it always surprises me, he is a trickster and i think he would giggle if he could )

  4. When my cat is scared he will hide in the box spring of my bed. He’s climbed up in there ever since he was a tiny baby. His other favorite place to “hide” is under the kitchen table. I think he likes it there because the dog won’t annoy him. Even though they are best friends, I don’t think he likes to admit it.

    My favorite bottled water is Metro Mint. But it’s expensive so I drink filtered on a day to day basis.

  5. I drink bottled water; the tap water in the town where I live is not fit for humans or other animals (so yes, the cats also drink bottled water — 1-gallon jugs of distilled H2O from Walmart for me and the critters).

    My cats don’t hide much. Occasionally Tip or Ashley will get into the linen closet and lurk behind the towels. Calliope has a knack for “hiding” in the middle of a room even though she has colorful fur that ought to stand out.

  6. Those photos are darling – what pretty footies! My Ripley curls up in the pillows on the bed (I have to have at least a half-dozen or I don’t sleep well. I know, weird.)
    I don’t like bottled water because of the plastic – I keep a filter jar in the fridge – water goes in the top, goes through a charcoal filter, and there ya go – fresh, tasty H20!

      • I know. I have a water feature on my fridge, but when I got it home it was too tall, so it is sitting across the room from the water fitting.. sigh…. I try to refill the brita every time I use it, but I get lazy, then cuss when I go for a drink and it is empty. Pft! I mostly drink hot tea,but summer is coming!

  7. Puffy used to hide in the bushes in the front of our house. Then he would run inside, perch on my shoulder as I sat in my recliner, and lick my hair until he was satisfied with my hairstyle, Rachel. That cat was too much. Toby would hide behind the shed.

    I drink tap water. I put it in an empty bottle of store seltzer to keep it refrigerated. Tastes just as good as store-bought to me, my friend.

  8. He is SO cute! I love his white paws. Our cats don’t hide as much as they used to. When one of them was younger, he was terrified of storms, and he would run and hide at the first notice of thunder. The other one–when he was a kitten–fell asleep in a drawer of a our pantry cabinet. We were looking all over the house for him!

    We have a filter on our kitchen tap, but our water is OK to drink. I fill a water bottle for the gym and for cat-safe drinking. 🙂 We usually have a case of water bottles on hand–no particular brand. When the girls were here, we always had water bottles for their lunches and because they were involved in so many music/theater activities, and they needed water for their voices.

    • Thank you! He’s very affectionate. 🙂

      Was the drawer closed? How did he get in there? I have a cat who actually opened my bottom sock drawer and climbs in!

      I love that your girls were so involved in such activities. You’re such an awesome mom! ❤

      • Awww–thanks, Rachel!
        The pantry is a cabinet with drawers. This was several years ago. I must have opened the door and probably pulled out the drawer and then closed it without noticing he was there!
        When our one of out cats who is no longer with us was a kitten, she figured out how to open a bathroom cabinet, and then crawled through a hole where the pipes were. I heard her running around between the bathroom floor and the kitchen ceiling!

  9. When we got our last cat in December she would hide under the couch- (more of a fearful of new surroundings thing). My other cat will get herself trapped in the cupboard under the bathroom sink, also the drawers under our bed and on top of the fridge. She has learned how to open things using the door knobs and handles. I have come home many a time after searching for 20 minutes and calling her name to a meow of a trapped cat, who is in desperate need of the litter box. I don’t know how she can’t get back out but sometimes she just gets trapped and is in there probably for many many hours lol. Orange cats are the most mischievous as my other cats have never entertained this at all. I swear she has opposable thumbs.

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