The Luck O’ the Irish

For today’s Throwback Thursday, I have yet another one of my kindergarten projects to showcase.  (My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cook, loved to keep us busy with art projects, which is why I think I loved her so much.)

First of all, you’ll notice this is printed on the old school “ditto” paper, which you can tell because of the purple ink (which always smelled so awful to me!).  And while it might look like I got lazy with the assignment, that is not the case.  We were supposed to paint a green “wash” over the entire page, though I’m not entirely sure why.  (It seems to me that if we would have perhaps first colored with a white crayon of a piece of wax, that would’ve made more sense because it would have been like Easter Egg art.)  At any rate, it was a very thin, watery paint, and at first, I didn’t use enough.  So Mrs. Cook held my hand in hers and dipped my brush in the green water, then helped me paint the entire page.

Of all my works that my Grandma threw out over the years, I have no idea why she felt that this one was a keeper.

Let’s talk:  Did your mom ever keep an absolutely stupid piece of work you did?  Did you ever have to complete what seemed like a pointless assignment?  Did you like the smell of ditto paper?


24 thoughts on “The Luck O’ the Irish

  1. My parents and grandparents has kept a bunch of stuff that really should have been thrown away. When my grandma died all of her grandkids got back the stuff we had made for her and that was kind of nice in a way.

  2. Maybe Grandma enjoyed the spirit of the holiday, my friend Rachel? It’s cool that she saved it no matter the reason. I don’t know if my mother saved any of my poorly done kiddie art. 🙂

  3. I remember those turkeys where you traced your hand and colored in the fingers so they looked like feathers. Also, dimly, making egg cartons into Pilgrims though how or why I’m not sure. Why do all my crafts revolve around Thanksgiving,lol? Re. St. Patrick’s Day I only recall wearing a plastic shamrock pin with molded lacy edgings to school every time the holiday rolled around. If you didn’t wear something green, you got pinched!

  4. Maybe she saw all the layers of your talent within that KH beginnng. 🙂 . I love that you have these things. I have nothing like that of my own, but I have not been able to let go of my son’s handiwork’s. I like these TBTs. I might try something like it…

  5. My dad kept all kinds of stuff, including artwork, that we did.
    I think anyone who has ever gone to school or work has had to complete worthless assignments. 🙂
    I didn’t hate or love the ditto ink smell. I remember kids pressing the papers to their faces to smell it though. When I was an undergrad, I had to learn how to use the ditto machine–such a pain!

  6. Cute picture! 🙂 I kept all kinds of artwork that my boys did and still get weepy when I take them out and remember their little hands creating. 🙂

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