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For today’s Throwback Thursday, I submit for your approval, another month-themed mixed media collage I made in kindergarten.  My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cook, would roll over in her grave if she realized just how much impact she had on me.  I loved her so much!

For March that year, as you can see, we learned that the first telephone call was transmitted on the tenth of the month in 1876.  As you can see by my purple crayon drawing of a phone, I am old enough that phones had dials rather than buttons when I was little.

St. Patrick’s Day was of course on the seventeenth.  I don’t quite remember, but I’m pretty positive that Mrs. Cook actually cut out the leprechaun I have glued here.  However, it never occurred to me before now, but I wonder why one of his arms is so much longer than the other!

You can see I had trouble with my twos and my fives.  I don’t think we were actually supposed to write these, but I was just showing off what a smart little four-year old I was. HA!

You probably can’t tell, but the tulip in the middle is made of crumbled blue tissue paper.

Spring of course started on the twenty-first that year, and you can probably already tell that my favorite colors were purple and red.

And finally, we come to Easter which was on the thirtieth that year.  My sad little bunny lost one of his ears being packed in the heat of my Grandma’s attic all these years.  I don’t know if you can tell, but his head is actually made out of a Styrofoam circle that they used to use before “packing peanuts” came along.  (Man, am I old!)

So there we have it…  my kindergarten March lesson.  Mrs. Cook also always used to say, “March blows in like a lion and out like a lamb,” so I’m rather surprised I don’t have either a lion or a lamb on here.

Let’s talk:  What historical fact most sticks in your mind about March?  Did you love your kindergarten teacher?  What was your favorite subject in school?

30 thoughts on “More Mixed Media Art

  1. I’m afraid school (Boys Secondary Modern ‘B’ Stream throughout) was a nightmare for me gal.
    Bullied, low standards, disinterested teachers, having to get home each night set the fire, clean up and to get me Dad’s dinner ready so I didn’t do well at all. March was the highlight (If I can call it that?) of my schooldays. The Easter parade with the Boys Brigade – they let me play a drum on the marches and I was so proud to do so.
    English was the only subject I didn’t do dismally in.
    I left school and started work at 14 – and not a moment too soon fer me!
    I spent a lot of time at the library having developed an interest in books too late, but enjoy reading biographies and the like.
    Oh, I’m waffling on again – Tut!

      • Lovely thing to say gal – but this morning after yesterdays whoopsiedangleplop my torn muscle is more painful and tender than it’s ever been, approaching agony to move at all – so a hug might not be a good idea at the moment – but can I please reserve one for when (if) it gets better please? Cheers gal.

  2. What a gorgeous picture. I love march as it’s my daughter’s birthday today. She’s 14 and the love of my life 🙂

    Re kindergarten, I loved mrs Yarrow. She’s the reason I love English 🙂

  3. Oh gosh, this just reminds me of my math teacher Mrs. Mandel but when she taught us in the early grades it was a lot of coloring of geometric shapes and if we colored out of the lines or left white spaces she would yell at us. One girl used to throw up every time before her class.

  4. Cute drawing Rachel! Kindergarten was tough for me in the sense that I couldn’t speak English. Even though I was born in Canada, my parents spoke their native tongue at home. I was put in the corner when I answered question in German! I can’t believe all the stuff you still have Rachel – it’s amazing!

    One of my fave memories was in grade 4. We wrote letters to the government regarding the pollution in the Chateauguay River and got responses. My favourite subject in elementary school was composition. We would be asked to write 3 page compositions and I often turned in 16+ pages with illustrations ta boot! ❤
    Diana xo

    • What? That’s awful! How could they punish you for speaking German? That makes me want to give that teacher a piece of my mind! I can completely see you embracing the assignment of writing a letter to your government for such a worthy cause. You’re such a sweetie! ❤ 🙂

  5. March is my favorite month, because its my birthday month 🙂 Art was always my favorite subject in school so my best memories are from all the creative projects I did, especially when I wrote and illustrated my first book about a cat named Dinah. Thanks for sharing your work again Rachel!

  6. Your long ago art work is always amazing–and amazing that you still have it. I’m impressed that you remember your kindergarten teacher so well. I don’t remember the name of most of my teachers from elementary school. I don’t remember my kindergarten teacher at all!
    I guess English was always my favorite subject. I think of the Ides of March and Julius Caesar. Also, I met my now husband in 9th grade English class–and we read Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar! (And he’s a math teacher so there’s “Pi Day.”)

  7. Precious artwork! 🙂 I didn’t like my kindergarten teacher at all! Her name was Mrs. Milsop and she was so mean! Favorite subjects were reading and writing, hands down. 🙂

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