The February Report

Well, as it turned out, my February progress was actually worse than January’s.  And since I didn’t get much of any of my 2015 goals started in January, that must mean I was actually going backward last month!

Actually, February was slightly better… with emphasis on the “slightly.”  I did manage to finally get rid of that awful respiratory thing that was kicking my butt, but only long enough to over-extend my generosity yet again, bite off more than I can chew with no idea of how to back out gracefully, and find myself sick once more!

So, as it turns out, I’ve been losing at least one out of every three meals a day for the past two weeks, and have developed a horrible croupy sounding cough that is only getting worse.  (Which is why I end up puking when a coughing jag comes on, usually at night time.)  Yuck!

Worse yet, a couple of weeks ago, I injured my back and was unable to move for several days, at least not without excruciating pain.  Thankfully that’s almost back to normal now, but the coughing has me tense all over and sore everywhere.

So my writing has gone nowhere, my editing is non-existent right now, my running goals haven’t budged, and though I have managed to make a little more money than I usually see this time of year, I physically feel like crap, and worse yet, I feel guilty that I’m never home to blog with you all!  I hope you’ll hang in there with me while I get it together.

Time to talk:  So how are you doing on your new year’s goals?  Have you ever been sick, recovered, then gotten sick again in less than two months?  How have you backed out of a commitment when you realized you couldn’t handle it all plus your own life?


41 thoughts on “The February Report

  1. Sending you a loaf of virtual sourdough and some chicken soup. When I was young we used to get a citizenship grade and you get an A+ there. I don’t make resolutions either, but I roughed out a business plan. I’m making progress, but I have all year to accomplish everything.

  2. If I was down to visit, I’d therapize the heck out of your back and you’d feel like a million bucks. 🙂 I overextend myself all the time. It’s a sickness, I swear. My mom has it, too. And so do you. Feel better!

  3. Things will definitely turn around. Just focus on getting better and I enjoyed your posts in February. For me, in February all I’ve been doing is editing my stories. I will be doing the same for March and hopefully I can wrap things up in April 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry you’ve been having such a tough time of it. I think being sick for women is so hard because we’re still nurturers and caretakers, and being sick doesn’t always allow us to stop that role. Sending you healing thoughts. 🙂

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