No Fear

Have no fear… I’ve been super busy lately and am unable to even sleep and breathe appropriately, much less keep up with my blog… or yours!  Despite what I set for my 2015 goals, I’ve not had much time to do anything I wanted to do for myself at all.  That said, I am still here, though I’m keeping odd hours, and I might not be available to read and reply to everything as often as I’d like.  But rest assured, I am keeping up with you all, slowly but surely.  Please send me positive vibes that things will calm down soon, and I’ll be back here with you where I belong.

Let’s talk:  Have you ever over-extended yourself in an effort to help someone else, then found you had little time left for yourself?  Do you get frustrated when you can’t keep your normal schedule because other aspects of life get in the way?  Have you missed me this month?  😉  (If the answer to that last question is no, please feel free to keep that to yourself.  LOL!)


32 thoughts on “No Fear

  1. We put a ‘positive vibe’ in an envelope and addressed it to you. The problem was that the Royal Mail refused to take it the swines! Said we didn’t have proper ‘vibe’ insurance cover no less! So herewith a positive vibe young Rachel

  2. I miss you Rachel, and I’ve been busy running around like a hamster on the big wheel, too. Sorry you are sick and busy and stressed, my dear friend. I am trying to stay warm and shoveled and well-written, too. 😦

  3. Rachel, life happens and gets in the way. Blogosphere will be there when you have time. Haven’t forgotten you at all, and look forward to your posts. Look for little signs of spring. Even rain helps the sprigs & buds to come out! Fresh flowers in a vase? Happiness thoughts for you! Christine

  4. I over-extend myself all. the. time. I have a habit of trying to cram 20 lifetimes into one. So much to do and experience and so little time. And this coming from one who thrives on routine. Go figure. lol!

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