Where Cats Hide

Meet Cleo.  Cleo is half-sphynx, meaning one of her parents was a full-blooded hairless cat.  As you can see here, Cleo has no whiskers, no eyebrows, and no ear hair.  She also has no hair on her face or tail.  The “hair” that’s on her body isn’t actually fur at all, but technically it’s undercoat.  Unlike fur, it’s wavy, especially when she bathes, and it is softer than velvet.  Additionally, she has webbed toes.

We adopted Cleo from the SPCA in 2012, when she was three years old.  Unlike my other cats, she’s not particularly social with other animals, and she’s adopted me as her only person.  She doesn’t allow my son or my sister to pick her up, and she doesn’t wander far from my side, day or night.  Unlike my other cats, she doesn’t look for cubbies or cramped areas to sneak into and hide.

Her favorite sleeping position is covering her eyes with one or both paws so she can hide from people and pets, as well as from light.  So where does she hide?  Behind her paws!  Instead of hiding from everyone else, she prefers to hide everyone else from her!

Time to talk:  How many pets have you owned in your lifetime?  Do you have a favorite sleeping position, or can you sleep anywhere?  Would you ever consider owning a hairless cat?

33 thoughts on “Where Cats Hide

  1. I’ve had pets almost all the time in my life. And I love cats. A lot. I probably would not want a hairless cat since one of my favorite things about cats is their beautiful fir. I’ve had cats, dogs, a couple of mice, a pair of canaries, a cockatiel and a pair of zebra finches. Some nights I can’t sleep at all.

  2. I always had pets from the time I was a child until just recently….dogs, cats, canaries, even a chinchilla. Without a doubt though, I am a cat person. I ADORE them. I lost my last one, Onyx, to cancer two years ago and haven’t yet adopted another. All of my cats were rescue animals and my next will be as well….hopefully within a year or so (my husband and I want to do some traveling first). Cleo is very exotic looking!

    • Thank you! I have found that I’m only allergic to certain cats, and no particular breed. I wonder if you had a hairless if he’d be okay, as people are usually only allergic to the fur. 🙂

  3. Cleo is very pretty, and as you describe, not actually hairless. Sometimes one of our cats also sleeps with his paw over his eyes. I grew up with dogs. My husband and I did not have any pets for many years, but when our older daughter was in kindergarten, she wanted a cat, so we got two, of course, one for each daughter. They’ve since died, and we have our two boy cats now. One who does love everyone is definitely my cat, and he follows me all over the house. When he wakes up from a nap, he comes looking for me, and he sleeps pressed up against me at night.

  4. Pets? Currently we have three dogs, a snapping turtle, chickens and a goat. That’s not counting the two cats that stay in the barn. I’m not sure where they came from, but they kept the mice population down, so they’re welcome to stay. Cleo is gorgeous. I

    • Thank you! I just recently saw a video on Facebook showing a turtle “dancing” as he got his shell scrubbed with a toothbrush. Then I saw one of a turtle helping another turtle flip over after he got stuck on his back. I never realized they were so sweet before that. 🙂

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