We Don’t Need a Ticket Like This!

Wouldn’t you love to be hired as an officer on the Grammar Police Force?
Have a magnificent weekend, friends!


26 thoughts on “We Don’t Need a Ticket Like This!

    • I’ve missed you both, too! Like crazy, actually. I haven’t been near my computer in days. 😦 How is the packing coming along? Is everyone set to move? Remember, I want photos! Both before and after. 🙂

  1. That’s one job I would do without pay. Any time they ask you and I to be grammar police officers just let me know where to report at, LOL. “NO, NO, NO, it’s me, not I, and stop dangling that participle.” Here’s your ticket.

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  3. Yes, errors like that make me crazy! A question to Rachel and her followers: Is this newspaper headline correct? “Gov. Cuomo, don’t make us teachers the enemy”
    It sounds funny, but not sure if “we teachers” sounds better. Which is it, and why?

    • LOL! That’s a good question… Personally, I’d vote for option #3: “Gov. Cuomo, don’t make teachers the enemy”. But since that wasn’t a choice, I’d vote for #1, because if you took the word “teachers” out, it would still flow. 🙂

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