It’s All Good

A couple of weekends ago, my sister Michelle went to the store and brought home a box of scalloped potatoes to make for lunch.  Normally, I love scalloped potatoes, but these were not good.  I ate a few bites and then couldn’t finish.  There was a spice on them that I couldn’t identify, and I felt sick.  I read the label and found that they contained celery seed (I’m allergic to celery – Hence the bad taste) and they also contained soy flour (I’m severely allergic to soy protein which is what they make soy flour with – Hence the sick feeling).

That evening, we had friends over, and the husband was feeling sick from some medicine he had taken.  He said he would be spending the following day in bed, so his wife asked us to join her at church the following day.  We agreed.  As it turned out, this church was in a movie theater, and they actually serve popcorn during services.  For me, that was not a selling point, but for Michelle, a little bit of popcorn is a little piece of heaven.  She was stoked.

However, I spent that night puking (from the celery), and the following morning, my face was so swollen (from the soy) that it looked like I had been beaten.  There was no way I was going in public until the swelling went away.  Obviously, I didn’t make it to church, but my sister did.  When she got home, she told me how much she liked the preacher and she relayed a parable in his sermon to me.  (Don’t worry; I’m not going to preach to you.)  As it turned out, this preacher reminded her of me!  This is exactly the kind of stuff I’m always telling her.

It seems there was this king, and he had a best friend.  The two of them loved to go hunting together.  While the king was a negative man, his best friend always found the good in every situation, and the king couldn’t understand why.  One day, they went hunting, and the friend accidentally shot off the king’s left thumb.

Of course, the king was furious, and he had his friend thrown in jail.  The friend apologized profusely and tried to tell the king that losing his thumb was actually a good thing, but that only made the king angrier.  He told the guards that the friend would remain in jail for the rest of his life, and he never wanted to speak to his friend again.

The following year, the king went hunting by himself.  But while he was out, he was captured by a band of Cannibals.  The Cannibals tied the king to a tree and started boiling a large kettle of water over an open fire.  As they waited for the water to boil, they told the king in no uncertain terms that they planned to eat him.  When the water reached the boiling point, a couple of the natives held spears to the king’s throat while another untied him.  That was when the native that was untying him noticed that the king was missing his left thumb.

The Cannibals’ eyes all grew large, and they finished untying the king and backed away.  The confused king asked what was going on, and the natives told him that by their law, they were not allowed to eat anything that was not whole.  In other words, his missing left thumb saved his life.

The king rushed back to his land and demanded that his friend be released from jail.  He wept as he apologized to his friend, and he actually thanked him for shooting off his thumb.  He told him that he should have accepted his apology and never put him in jail.

But the friend responded with, “No, you putting me in jail was a good thing.  If you wouldn’t have imprisoned me, I’d have been out hunting with you, and the Cannibals would have eaten me!”

So that preacher reiterated to my sister exactly what I always tell her:  that everything happens for a reason.  And even though we might not always know the reason right away, it usually reveals itself if we’re patient.

Time to talk:  Have you ever eaten popcorn in church?  Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?  When bad things happen to you, do you immediately get upset, or do you ponder if there might be a greater good that can occur as a result?


32 thoughts on “It’s All Good

  1. I’ve always been a believer in a wholefood diet – it’s the complex carbs you see! I see the preacher chap reminded your sister of you – was he throwing up during the service I inquire?

      • I do actually live on wholefood high complex carbs by the way – best diet for type 2 diabetics you see. That’s how I lost all that weight and have kept it off for years now. As to things happening for a reason I still think life is a lottery of chaos – but then again I am not what anyone would call sane! What’s this new job of yours? Earwig circus trainer?

  2. Here’s some interesting info about celery seed, listing uses in other foods, which you also might need to avoid. This could explain previous spells of illness, since herbs and spices may sometimes just get lumped under “natural flavors,” on an ingredients list. I have called manufacturers on their toll-free numbers to get such details, and their phone reps have always been happy to find out for me.

  3. I’ve never eaten popcorn in church, Rachel; I’m not sure there’s a big roadmap of pre-ordained reasons for happenstances, no, but things start to make since as pieces fall together afterward; when bad things happen to me, I both get upset and ponder about how I can make the best of things.

    Bummer that one box of lousy scalloped potatoes had two allergens in it for you. That wasn’t predestined. Just failure to read the ingredients by you and Michelle before cooking and eating. Ugh.

    • No, see, that could have been a pre-ordained awesome thing. You see, if I’d have not eaten that and stayed home sick, I would have been driving and not my sister, and we could have been killed in a horrible car accident. Sometimes you don’t get to know the reason the bad thing happened the way it did, but I truly believe there always is one. 🙂

  4. I don’t think things happen for a reason, in that they are preordained. I do think sometimes things happen that seem terrible at the time, but later it seems fortunate that they did happen. The parable was funny though because it was so ridiculous.

    Hope you’re feeling better now! Stick with real potatoes instead of boxed stuff. 😉

  5. The take on positive thinking is a great way to point it out. Thanks for visiting my place in the clouds and also for supporting us authors, like yourself. Congratulations on publishing your book after all you went through!

  6. Popcorn in church… was it buttered? 😀

    Ah, well, I guess it is the message, not the gimmick, that is most important.

    Do I believe there is a reason behind all things? I do – and in hard times, it is a challenge to believe that’s so. I guess you have to take it on faith.

    Anyway, great story!

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