The Monkey Wrench in the Works

The truth is, the title of this post should be “My Workspace Blog Hop,” but the hopping got held up by none other than… me!  My very good friend, Craig Boyack, tagged me for this fun little blog hop which is supposed to showcase where we do our best work and allow us the forum to talk about the process a little bit.  (If you follow Craig, you already know how fun his blog is, not to mention his writing!)  However, when he tagged me for this, my mind was on Thanksgiving, then Christmas, not to mention all my other obligations that slammed me in November and December.  Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’d like to pick back up where I left off and take you for a tour of my area…

I took my chair away so you could see things better.  Yes, I do have two computers on my desk, but I generally just use the one.  (The one that’s turned off is strictly for making video slideshows of weddings that I photograph.)  Yes, the TV is right next to me, though it’s seldom that I actually “watch” it.  Normally, I just have it on, turned down low, for some background noise.

If you weren’t able to see in the photo above, I almost always have a cat near my desk begging for treats.  This is Cleo.  She’s my special companion.  She’s half-sphynx, meaning she’s half-hairless.  She has no hair on her face or tail, she has no whiskers or ear hair, and the fuzz that is on her body is actually not fur but is rather just undercoat.  It’s the softest hair you’ve ever felt, and it’s wavy.  Anyway, she’s the kid that jumps onto my desk once an hour while I work to alert me that it’s treat time.

To the left of where I type are my writing essentials:  1) The green spray bottle contains water.  This is for when my cats decide to get into an argument near me and I have to spray mist at them to break them up.  2) My must-have snack is Frito Lay Sunflower Seeds.  I’m a saltaholic, and these are easy to pop while I focus on my writing.  3) Yes, I have Whisker Lickins cat treats in salmon flavor.  No, these are not for me but for my five furry friends that visit while I write.  4) Dasani water is a must.  I usually drink this all day long, though during the month of December, I will switch to the seasonal Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash flavor soda.  For the most part, I don’t drink soda anymore, but since this is only out for a limited time each year, I do drink it while it’s available.  5) The ugly purse is actually a padded case that houses my Nook.

workspace (3)

Whenever I write, I update my Nook daily with my current work in progress.  Then I have my sister read out loud whatever I wrote that day while I read along silently on the computer.  I like to gauge her reaction to the actual storyline and also hear what she thinks might happen next.  Plus, this is a good way to catch any typos.

So when my chair is there, my writing desk is quite comfy, and it’s where I spend the bulk of my waking hours.

Anyway, I guess now it’s time for me to tag someone else on this Workspace Blog Hop, and hopefully, they’ll be timelier than I was at getting around to showcasing where they create.  I’d like to tag Dena Rogers (, Rhonda Blackhurst (, and Robyn Lawson (   And if you don’t follow these ladies already, you’re really missing something special.

Let’s talk:  Laptop or desktop?  Cats or dogs?  Salty or sweet?  Nook, Kindle, or iPad?

43 thoughts on “The Monkey Wrench in the Works

  1. I have questions, questions, questions young Rachel! Why a half haired cat? What’s a Nook? What’s Dasani water? And finally if I did take the risk and follow Dena, Rhonda and Robyn I’d likely be arrested and end up in jail! Whilst I feel sure they are all special gals I really don’t think they’d take kindly to tailed by an adult male unknown to any of them. Joking aside, a very pleasant read on a freezing day in Hellfire Corner! Best of luck.

    • LOL! Why half-haired? Because I couldn’t find a completely bald one for under a thousand dollars. Plus, she needed me. 🙂 A Nook is the Barnes & Noble version of a Kindle. (It’s similar to an iPad, but without the camera.) As for Dena, Rhonda and Robyn, they are nice ladies. I don’t think they’d press charges. 😉 Thank you, and stay warm! ❤

      • But you could have got a 100% hairy one for next to nothing! I was hoping a Nook would be a small creature. Also so long as they don’t press charges I’m up for the gig! It’s still ‘silly’ cold here by the way.

  2. Desktop. Cat(s). Salty. I have a Kindle, but it’s only for reading — I do most of my writing on the desktop, although I also use pen and paper sometimes.

    My cat-spritzer isn’t as nice as yours, but I need a heavy-duty one for the times when Doodlecat decides that he doesn’t have to listen to me because I’m not his real father.

  3. Laptop. Only because it’s easy for me to cart around everywhere. I actually prefer desktops, but my workspace and writing space changes so frequently, a laptop just makes more sense. I can’t sit in one place and write for too long. I either get antsy, or I need a change of scenery for inspiration to continue my writing. If I eat when I’m writing, it’s when I take writing breaks. When I’m on a writing jag, I’m usually unaware of every bodily need except the bathroom, which waits for no man (woman). I don’t have animals, which I lament, but I’m sure it makes the writing process easier.
    And I’m definitely a sweet-a-holic.

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Your desk looks so neat and organised. Mine is going well at the moment and I’m proud to report that I can see wood grain. I have quite a homely antique oak desk which I picked up at second hand store and restored. My dogs compete for what they think is the best seat in the house…sleeping under my desk while I’m writing. I don’t have dog treats. In my top drawer, I keep along of precious snippets and memories along with stacks of business cards and pens. It’s a homely type of drawer. My desk, like every other part of my house is over due for a huge overhaul.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the follow. I have followed suit so we’ll be getting to know each other better. xx Rowena

    • Thank you, Rowena! 🙂 Your desk sounds amazing! I’d love to see photos. I used to enjoy restoring antiques and old furniture, but these days, I don’t have the time or patience. But I still love to look at them 🙂 Thanks for the follow! ❤

      • I’m in the same boat with restoration these days. Parenting, writing and just life get in the way. I did the desk about 20 years ago. I was a different person back then.

  5. Laptop, dog (cat, too, if my husband weren’t allergic), salted caramel (drooling just thinking about it), and Kindle. How fun to see where you work and create. As writers, our surroundings can be a wonderful source of inspiration. And it’s fun to get a visual of where you are when you’re writing. 🙂
    I’ll work on getting my post done this week or this weekend at the lastest. Thanks for thinking of me. 😉

  6. Ha ha, Kindred…. I love sunflower seeds too, but they are a rare treat for me… and I have not been a cat person since I was a kid, but the weirdest thing is that virtually every person I get close to, in whatever way, shape or form, turns out to own between one to seven cats!!! What the heck is that?

    Well, I will have to think about how I can present my ‘work space’. What a different kind of idea, but an interesting challenge. This should be fun. I will try my best to be more timely. LOL! 😉

  7. You’re so organized, Rachel! You know I mostly work in my kitchen, unless I need to escape my crazy cat, and then I go up to my bedroom and close the door. I use a laptop, have a Kindle Paper White (strictly for reading novels). My husband and I are thinking of getting iPads. I grew up with dogs, but have two cats that I adore. I like salty and sweet. 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing Rachel. For me I love writing and blogging with my laptop, mainly because I do not have my own space and its easy to travel to quiet places to write 🙂

    • Oh, that’s nice if you have scenic places to go. I always envision myself writing in a loft house on the beach in a Caribbean island, sitting outside on the balcony overlooking the blue ocean and private beach, with a cool breeze blowing and a beautiful smell on the salty air. Instead, I’m here. In a humid, mosquito-ridden swamp known as Florida. *SIGH* 😉

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