Happy Birthday, Ami Dolenz!

If you’re old enough to remember The Monkees, you might also know that drummer Micky Dolenz’s daughter, Ami Dolenz, was a popular movie and television actress since the late 1980s.  But you may not know that she also authored a children’s book entitled Harold & Agatha: The Mysterious Jewel.

Ami, Dad Micky, Mom Samantha

Ami was born on January 8, 1969, in Burbank, California.  Though both her parents were actors, they insisted that if she wanted to be in show business, she’d have to make it on her own, and at fifteen years old, she secured her own agent.  Besides acting and writing, she is also into art, especially charcoal and ink drawing, as well as jewelry making.  Last year, she published her first children’s book which she also illustrated.

For my Throwback Thursday, today, I’ll share with you the first time I met Ms. Dolenz.  It was 1997, and my sister Michelle, best friend Lora, and I had attended nearly twenty Monkees concerts up and down the Eastern seaboard that year.  We’d seen both Micky’s and Davy’s daughters before, but had never talked to any of them at that point.  We were at a resort in Beverly, Massachusetts when all four of Micky’s daughters, Ami, Charlotte, Emily, and Georgia, came downstairs and sat with us and the rest of the band in the courtyard.  Not having met them before, we were a little tentative to approach them, but it wasn’t long before someone else introduced us.  Ami and her sisters were all very sweet and genuinely kindhearted, and they were more than accommodating to pose for pictures with us.

Michelle in purple, Charlotte Dolenz, Emily Dolenz, Me in black & white, Ami Dolenz, Georgia Dolenz, Lora on end

Happy Birthday, Ami Dolenz!

Ami Dolenz in the middle; Me with white hair tie

Time to talk:  What Ami Dolenz acting role do you remember best?  Which of her father’s songs do you remember best? 

22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ami Dolenz!

  1. My mom introduced my sister and I to the Monkees when we were young(ish) teenagers. After watching all the seasons on DVD and listening to their greatest hits album multiple times, we fell in love with them. Davy was always my favorite and I even named my little parakeet bird after him. Now we’re both adults and still listen to them quite often. 🙂

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