Where Cats Hide

Being a professional photographer, no one in my house is free from modeling duty, cats included.  Unfortunately, they all HATE to wear clothes!  So while they do indeed try to hide from the camera (as well as from the costumes they’re forced to don once a year), when I’m done with them, they’re disguised IN their clothes.  So for today’s edition of Where Cats Hide the answer is, “At Christmastime, they hide in plain sight… disguised in clothes… and bad attitudes.”

Top Row: Snow, Dakota (aka Stewey) & Brody / Bottom Row: Zsa Zsa & Cleo

Time to talk:  Have you ever dressed a pet?  Do you think it’s funny when people dress their pets?  Do you think I need mental help?

39 thoughts on “Where Cats Hide

  1. The most I’ve ever done with my boys is put those cute little tartan coats on them in the winter. A lady I work with in Westie rescue dresses her for every holiday and some of her get-ups have been priceless. I wouldn’t do it, but appreciate the effort when others do.

  2. I am not sure I could even get mine in a costume, as for posing for photos, not easy…so I won’t try, but yours are funny, I like Dakota the most, mental help? no I don’t think so, but maybe your cats do think so…:)

  3. I found an old sweatshirt in the park. It was a designer brand and went unclaimed for a couple days. I cut the sleeves off and put it on the old pitbull. We wound up calling it the sweatshirt of shame. Whenever he would act crazy we’d ask him if he needed to put his sweatshirt on. He would go lay down every time.

  4. I used to dress my cats when I was a wee tad. I used to bathe them, too, on occasion. But I no longer subject the wee creatures to that. It keeps down the scratches on my hands, too. It’s bad enough that I have to get the cat in the crate to get him to the vet.

  5. i love animals in hats and clothes. i tried to dress my old cat in a sweater and he immediately tipped over and acted as though i had put a 200 pound pack on his back and was in restraints or paralyzed. he was not a fan.

  6. I’ve never dressed a pet, and I never had the desire to do it. I probably could dress one of my cats–the one who lets me brush his teeth, cut his nails, etc. I would probably have to visit the ER if I tried to dress the other one. 🙂
    My daughter and her fiance dressed both their cat and dog at Christmas.

      • Yes, one of my cats lets me brush his teeth. The other cat–the one who has dental problems–would kill me if I tried. However, he now lets me put cat toothpaste in his mouth. I do it when he’s sleeping. 🙂

      • Cat toothpaste? That’s crazy! It must taste like liver. LOL! That’s so sweet that the one lets you. It’s too bad the other won’t let you. 😦

  7. Although I have never dressed a pet before, I think it’s cute to see them in outfits, especially themed ones, like familiar characters or holidays, such as the picture above!

  8. My sister dresses up her longhaired dachshund, Simon Theodore, quite a bit. Today he is wearing his Ravens shirt in honor of the playoff game.

    When I show my three rough customers (longhaired dachshunds, as well) photos of Simon Theodore dressed in his little duds, they are appalled! They’ve threatened me with mutilation while I’m sleeping if I contemplate such action. Since they outnumber my husband and I, we will refrain from forcing them into little pet duds. They might be short, but they have sharp teeth.

    As for needing mental help, the fact that I actually think my dogs ‘talk’ to me and convey their opinions on their cousin’s wardrobe may qualify me for needing such treatment. Shall we try for a group rate?

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