A White Christmas – Florida Style

For today’s Throwback Thursday, I want to talk about snow.  Here in Florida, we don’t often get snow.  In fact, I’ve only seen it snow here four times that I can remember, and only once was it enough to actually stick to the ground.  Even then, it barely covered the blades of grass.  It’s not uncommon here to meet people who’ve never even seen snow.

So, when Florida kids are in school and have to create snow scenes for art class, we truly only have our imaginations to work from.  When I was little, I always wanted to see snow.  Now that I have seen it and even lived in it, I still love it!  In fact, I love everything about snow except driving in it.  But I digress.  When I was in kindergarten, I was dying to play in those white, fluffy flakes and build a snowman, build a snow fort, and throw snowballs.

That’s why my favorite art project when I was small was when we got to make snow scenes out of Tide soap powder.  My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cook, mixed each of us a cup of “snow paint” by using Tide powder and some water.  Even today, when I smell Tide, I think of those “snow days.”  We got to use our fingers to paint the snowdrifts and snowman, then we dipped in Q-tips to make the falling snowflakes.  As you can see, my love for snow drove me to create a blizzard!  As we worked, we drew in the house, the hat and other such necessary items.

Time to talk:  Snow: Do you love or hate it?  Does it snow where you live?  Have you ever made soap into art?  Do you still have any art projects from when you were little?


41 thoughts on “A White Christmas – Florida Style

  1. I see snow only when I go up north to visit my grandkids. I lived in it for about 15 years. I really don’t miss it at all. I do miss the season changes however. Thanks for sharing this memory! It is a special one for sure!

  2. Love snow, at first in november or december, but I am tired of it by end of February, Montreal do get quite a bit of snow, but not as much as in other parts of Quebec, and often it goes from rain to snow and rain again…not nice…as for art project when I was young, no, I wasn’t into arts then, it came fairly late to me…late twenties, early thirties….still young then but not very young…but I’ve been painting and drawing pretty well the same subject all along.., still a big ongoing project…:)

  3. Thats so cute… especially that you still have it!

    We get snow most years but not for the whole winter. As our house is perched on top of a hill it means we are snowed in. Even if the farmers clear the road we still cant get up and down our drive, its just too steep, except on foot. But the views and open space is well worth it.

  4. You mention ‘Tide’ young Rachel. Did you ever have the competitor brand ‘OMO’ in The States? It was very popular here however it did have an unusual additional use for wives who had chosen to take on a lover! You see a box of ‘OMO’ in the window meant ‘Old Man’s Out’ and thus indicated it was safe for said lover to enter the property! True that is by the way.

  5. Yes, I love snow. The morning after a big blizzard in particular. I go outside and the snow has muffled all sound. It is very quiet except for the plop of heavy snow falling from the branches. Here and there are the tracks of animals who came through at night. And it is so very beautiful.

  6. Rachel, I do like snow, but our winter is too long. I wish each season was 3 months. I would love that! I don’t have any art projects from my childhood but I have all my report cards (thanks to my mom)!
    Diana xo

  7. I love snow, but I will not drive in it. This was sort of a problem when I lived in Utah, because the roads would sometimes be snowy for a week or two before they got cleared up. Thankfully, western Washington is the perfect middle ground: we get a few inches of snow here and there, but it rarely lasts more than a day or two.

    I love it when you share these pictures of things from your childhood! It always reminds me of the fun things I did at that age. 🙂

    • Thank you! A lot of my old pictures and projects were stored in my Grandma’s attic and sadly, they dry-rotted up there are are pretty much disintegrated. I need to laminate the ones that are still okay, before they fall apart. 🙂

  8. Driving in zero visibility on treacherous roads has killed my love for snow, Rachel.

    No, I do not love snow.

    I am sick of shoveling it off my driveway.

    I am tired of scraping it off the windshield of my car and my dear wife Karen’s car. And the rear windows. And the roofs.

    I am tired of raking it off the roof of our house when it gets too wet and heavy.

    Get my drift?

    I am tired of it when it drifts.

    • I can see why you’d be sick of it, Mark. When I lived in it, I lived in a townhouse apartment and we had a maintenance man who took care of most of that stuff. I had to scrape my windows and sometimes I had to dig myself or a neighbor out, but I never had to take care of the sidewalks or roof or any of that hard work. 🙂

  9. We get some snow most years. I always think the first snow is pretty, but then the charm vanishes. I would rather have snow than the ice/snow combos we often get–especially when driving!

    My aunt used to be an elementary school principal at a private school in Miami. One year, they got some kind of snow machine and manufactured snow for the kids there. Most of them had never seen snow before.

    It’s funny you mentioned Tide. My husband and I saw the movie “The Theory of Everything” yesterday, and Tide makes an appearance. 🙂

  10. I’m a HUGE snow lover!!! Living in Michigan, people either love it or hate it. I always look at snow with pleasure and excitement. And whenever those puffy clouds dare to hold back their wondrous flakes at Christmas and keep the ground bare, I’m devastated.

    I have almost all my projects from when I was little. I’m a pack rat and a sentimental fool. I just can’t seem to part with them. And yes, my favorites are usually Christmas related. Or snow/ice related.

    I don’t even mind driving in it, unless there are supreme idiots on the road. Living and working in a large metro area makes it impossible to avoid the nutsos on the road. But if it were less busy and people actually abided by the rules of the road, I would have no problem with driving in snow/ice.

    • I LOVE that you love snow! I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who didn’t think I was crazy for loving it. 🙂

      That’s so cool that you have all your old projects! 😀 I’ve just about run out of mine to share. 😦 I went through a phase a few years ago where I thought going minimal was a great idea and I tossed old writing, old school stuff and even a ton of photos. Of course as you can imagine, I regret that SO MUCH now! 😦

      When I drive in snow, I drive like 5 MPH and everyone behind me gets mad. LOL! I just can’t grasp the “turn into it” thing when you slide, because it’s the opposite when you hydroplane in rain. Ideally, I wish I lived where it snowed AND they had a subway, so I wouldn’t have to drive. (I love subways, too.) 😉

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