Where Cats Hide

This is Dakota.  (Except for sometimes when he’s Stewie.)  If you don’t remember me talking about him before, I found him at the post office when he was just a month old.

Dakota is about the friendliest cat I’ve ever met.  He just turned two years old recently, but he still has that kitten “squeak” instead of a meow.  He loves to cuddle, and he loves to hide.

A few months ago, I was looking for him and couldn’t find him anywhere.  It was a good half hour after I stopped looking and figured he was asleep under a bed that I happened to look across the room and noticed an arm sticking out of one of my Ikea baskets.  As I reached for my camera, he pulled his arm back in and stuck his nose out.  The thing is, I have no idea how he got in there!

Let’s talk:  Have you ever shopped at Ikea?  If so, do you go there often?  Do you follow the map and the floor arrows, or do you use the secret shortcuts?


57 thoughts on “Where Cats Hide

  1. Oddly we went to an IKEA just the once some years ago and got told off for walking round the wrong way – we didn’t realise there is a ‘right way’. I pointed out that as a socialist I only walk the ‘left way’ and told them to stuff their shop as it happens!

      • They never gave us a map and we had no idea they had silly rules – plus the fact most of their stuff is badly made, although some is pleasing on the eye! The thing is Shirl doesn’t really do shops – I’ve mentioned before how she does horrible embarrassing things to me in supermarkets!

      • LOL! That’s true! She is pretty entertaining in the store. 🙂 Yes, their stuff is not high-end, but it’s decent if you don’t mind putting it together yourself. It’s actually fun to go through the whole store the first time only. After that, it gets old, and you look for the shortcuts. I think I’d like it better if I still had small kids, because they do have a good kids’ section. I buy quite a bit of stuff for my studio there because it gets torn up by clients anyway. LOL! I do like their grocery store. They have a lot less preservatives in the Swedish food than what we normally get here.

      • Didn’t know they had a grocery store! Don’t think they do here. But then we have hundreds of Polish grocery type stores with herrings galore! As for flat pack furniture Shirley does all that – I’m hopeless!

    • I hear those are good, too. Their food in their cafeteria is very good. I actually like their grocery store. So many of those Swedish foods don’t have the preservatives we normally have here. 🙂

    • LOL! It’s a Swedish store that sells furniture, housewares, hot food, and groceries. It’s HUGE and it takes a good four hours to see the whole thing the first time you go. After that, you look for the shortcuts. 🙂

    • Oh, Mark! You’re missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime. I think your closest one is in New Jersey. They have furniture and housewares for great prices and they also have a restaurant of Swedish food which is very good, and there is a small Swedish grocery store, also very good. It takes about 4 hours to get through the first time you go, and after that, you look for the shortcuts. They give you a map when you get there, and you follow the arrows. They also give you a paper where you write down the number of anything you want to buy, then when you get to the end, you walk through the warehouse and find to row and bin number of whatever you wanted before you check out. It’s actually pretty fun, at least the first time. But don’t ever go on a holiday, because then they are always PACKED. 🙂

  2. A few years ago, my next door neighbour asked f I’d seen her black kitten ‘Lady’ who used to come in to play with my ‘Pippa’.
    I drove them around looking for her without any luck.
    Next day I went to put something in my oven and there she was fast asleep! She slowy stirred, stretched and yawned, then stepped out of the oven purring!
    The happiest day of my life returning her to John and Samantha!

  3. Cats are so much fun! We have someone coming to put in a new water meter today, so they’ll be hiding for sure! 🙂

    I haven’t been to IKEA in a long time, and it’s funny because now there is one that’s nearby in Philadelphia. The one we had gone to in the past was farther away in Philadelphia suburbs. I don’t remember ever seeing a map or floor arrows. We bought our older daughter’s changing table that then became a desk at IKEA–it lasted for over 20 years. We still have the sections of it. We also got her a platform bed, that I think my niece’s son now has.

  4. Ikea fascinates me. Some of their deals are really good and there is an “Oz-like” quality about the place (heck, right down to the follow-the-yellow-brick-road signs on the floor!) That said, a lot of busted up furniture that turns up by the side of the road is from the nearest Ikea…

    (And your cat’s photo is great.)

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