Where Cats Hide

When I started this blog, I had four cats and a bunny.  Since then, my bunny died and I got another cat.

One morning, I woke up and couldn’t find Zsa Zsa anywhere.  The other cats tend to pick on her, and she’s a lot more petite than them, so she often either stands on my desk right by me all day or finds her own little corner and gets away from the rest of the gang.

As a side note, one (of the many) quirky thing(s) my son does because of his Asperger’s Syndrome, is he will not close a cabinet.  Anywhere.  Ever.  Apparently, before he went to work that morning, he got a glass from the cupboard.

Anyway, I couldn’t find Zsa Zsa, so I assumed she was under a bed, and I went to the kitchen to wash the dishes from the night before.  And when I got there, the cabinet was open about five inches.  I pushed it closed it and heard a noise.  So I opened it and look what I found!

Time to talk:  Cats or dogs?  Boy animals or girl animals? Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?  Boxers or briefs?

80 thoughts on “Where Cats Hide

  1. I’d go with cats, girl animals, Jennifer Aniston and boxers. Although reading that sentence, it sounds stranger than I intended.

  2. I too love both types of animals. How could I not? When I was younger I claimed to like female pets better- as I was taught that females were more loyal and more even headed…less likely to be aggressive. Since then I found in my personal experience this to be opposite if anything. My female cat- who came into our home after the male picking on the male and on the female kitten we brought into our home. Our females have gotten into excitement spats and spats over food cues. Also where dominance issues reared their heads. All of these pets were spayed/neutered. The females who entered into a spat never had one with our male(dogs here). Now none of them were vicious attacks. None were seemingly just aggressive type fight or a pack order battle. That being said, here’s a tidbit ; FEMALE DOGS ARE MORE LIKELY TO have (sorry for the yelling- accidental) harsh battles and are more likely to need to be broken up, and more likely to fight til death if in fight with another dog. Now this is something I read once in a well publicized article by an accepted prominent animal behaviorist. Personally the males I have owned were calmer and less interested in becoming a part of any spat involving teeth. (Mine have run from conflict in the pack..(. I think that the battle thing is more likely to be battles of a different horse when they occur with males vs females. Females tend to hold onto things more than males in my experience. ( Isn’t that just like a woman?) .I think the likelihood of battle is more a subject of personality and situation. That all being said – I love them both- but tend to trust my male with other animals quicker than my females.
    Hard to say but I like the more light hearted roles of Jennifer Aniston vs Angelina. Now I did have an emotional reaction to the occurances leading up to the Pitt/ Aniston split and the Jolie/Pitt affair, I of course felt for Jennifer (been there HATE that.) , That being said eventually I came to decide that things happen- due to god and bad choices. Jolie’s denial of an affair in the beginning
    of the relationship as she would never be a part of inflicting such pain to another woman.. while contemptible was probably quite natural and it was a lose/ lose situation- In the end, It is none of my business.
    And boxers- wasn’t always my preference, and who knows why but again,,, the man’s decision for his comfort!! lol
    How about coke or pepsi? For me neither as the sugar actually hurts my teeth. ALl in all pepsi. Although I have fond memories of coke syrup used for my stomach duress in my childhood battle with anorexia and bulemia. OY!!

    • Ah, I like the female cats better… They don’t usually have the alpha male thing going on and don’t spray to mark their territory. And in my house, 2 of the 3 the girls selected me as their person. They do fight over me. The boys are friendlier in general, to people – not to each other. I never knew that about dogs. I like Angelina better as an actress, but after the whole Brad thing, I feel more for Jen and lost a lot of respect for both Brad and Angie. I’m so sorry you dealt with anorexia/bulimia…. That’s rough! And so many people don’t understand it. 😦 I hope you’re better now.

  3. Earwigs or house bricks? Stained sheets or a hang glider? Choices, choices, choices young Rachel. A rather nice little cat you have there though – I rather like the fact that cats don’t ‘need’ anyone like dogs do, notwithstanding that Shirley has always had (until Skipper died not so long ago) dogs since we got together 900 years ago. God she’s had some mad, mad dogs!

  4. I’d go with cats, Jennifer, and I don’t care about underwear. Incidentally, my sister’s cats love her cupboards. Especially the very top where the soffit should be. She has space for decorative items and her cats hang out there all the time.

  5. Cool cat. I love animals, and need my wife to keep me from going overboard. I’ve always had dogs. My mother had cats, but we always had a dog. My character, Lisa, has a bunny.

    I’ve had male and female dogs. They are different, but both are wonderful.

    As for the rest, boxers, beer over either version of soda, and I’ll pick Jennifer. I’m finished with little kids and teenagers. Wouldn’t want to go back there. Can Jennifer cook?

    • I love Lisa’s bunny. I’ve only had one male dog. He was sweet but that ball licking thing was gross! He was a pit bull mix and was actually the sweetest dog ever… I definitely trusted him with my babies. He was very protective. What kind of beer? And I agree – done with the little kid and teenager thing as well! YIKES!

    • LOL! NO! 🙂 The bunny actually LOVED the cats – he thought he was one of them. He was litter trained and when I let him out of his cage every night, he loved to play with the cats and snuggle with them. He actually was in his cage, fine one morning, dead that evening. 😦 He was 3 years old and I read that they are prone to sudden heart attacks. I don’t know what else it could have been.

    • LOL! Oh no! I have a closet that I keep locked… it has my photography equipment in it. And sometimes when I get out photo stuff to go to a wedding, a cat will sneak in…and when I get home, and realize they were in there all day, it’s so sad how they look so dejected as if I did it on purpose! LOL! 😀

  6. I grew up with dogs, and I’ve known some nice ones, but give me a cat, any day. When you have a dog, it’s like having a baby around, forever. That said, if I had to have a dog, I’d want a big, all tan Alsatian (even though a German Shepherd bit me, when I was a kid).

    My kids grew up with two cats, Spats and Sherbet (female and male, respectively). Spats made sure that Sherbet kept to his place in the pecking order, but when their territory was threatened, they worked as a team to expel the intruder. Both have gone to the Happy Hunting Ground, but they were so devoted to their humans that, because of certain odd situations, I’m convinced they still make rounds to check on us (and intimidate our subsequent cats).

    My current companion critter is an endangered species: a catdogmonkeypossumpigfishHolstein-Frisianchicken (see photo at http://wp.me/p30cCH-TJ).

    • That is one cute kitty you’ve got there! 🙂 How are Alsatians and German Shepherds different? We had a German Shepherd when I was little. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph police demonstrations where they showcase their Shepherds, and those dogs are so smart! I’m always so impressed, and it almost brings me to tears how loyal and protective they are of their human partners. 🙂

      • They’re the same dog, but the “official” colors for a “German Shepherd” are black-and-tan, so I just use the other name for the big, bear-like solid tan ones, which often have heavier-looking coats.

        That loyalty is what got me bitten, when I was a kid. I had smashed a gooey spider on my aunt’s patio with my flipflop, and had turned the sole towards my older cousin, saying, “Eww! Look!” which Smokey thought was a threatening gesture, so he jumped me and bit my left side. I had to go to the ER for a shot, and Smokey had to be quarantined for ten days (which did not endear me to my aunt, who I think would have bitten me, herself). I still have the scar.

  7. I am a cat person, but since I am allergic (severely), and kept the cats til they were very old, I decided to get a little cockapoo, who is basically like a cat. I like Angelina Jolie. I like her spirit. My dog is female but my cats were male. And I like briefs.

    I love how your cat hid in the cupboard. Maybe for warmth? I love cats. I wish I could have one now. (Along with my dog and four birds.)

  8. Cats do indeed find the strangest places to hide. One of ours like to slip into our foyer closet. If I am not paying attention she gets shut into it. A lot. Once she was in there for two days. We looked everywhere. I just happen to hear her scratching at the door. Surprisingly she didn’t do anything in there. But she was hungry and made a bee line for the litter box. 😀

    • Oh no! LOL! I have a photography closet that I keep locked. And occasionally when I get out my equipment for a wedding, a cat will get locked in there until I get home hours later. Boy, they get mad at that! LOL! 🙂

  9. My friend was doing laundry, the phone rang, she answered, came back shut the washing machine door and started it. Once squeal from inside and she knew who was there. She hit the emergency release button, and saved her beautiful kitty. The cat was fine and my friend learned to check the washer before string it.

  10. Ha – this is hilarious, Rachel! Cats are just insane and they get everywhere… this is why I’m a dog person all the way (plus I have a cat allergy, so that also explains my hatred for the little furballs)… What a funny picture! Thanks for reminding me why I will never own cats!

  11. I love your cat-shaped coffee mug, Rachel!

    I like both dogs and cats. But I am a dog person. They love you while a cat loves having you to boss around.

    Jennifer Anniston. More my generation.

    Briefs. Boy, you’re getting might personal today. 🙂

    • Yes, that’s who she’s named after. Miss Gabor was a blonde indeed. But Zsa Zsa the cat acts very much like Zsa Zsa the lady. And I think she’d have that same accent if she could talk. 🙂

  12. I love dogs and cats, but we have two cats. I can’t go to sleep at night until I know where they are (usually they sleep with us though. 🙂 When my Ricky was a kitten, we looked all over the house for him, and finally discovered him sound asleep in a pantry drawer. He must have crawled in, and then someone closed the door of the cabinet. The other one used to hide at the first sign of a thunderstorm, but he’s much braver now.

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