Superheroes, Dinosaurs, and Clouds

As many of you know, besides being a writer, I’m also a professional wedding photographer.  Last month, I had the pleasure of photographing Iron Man’s wedding.  Yes, really.  Actually, superhero weddings are becoming increasingly popular.  Last year, I was around to photograph Captain America’s wedding.  However, Iron Man’s wedding was quite unique.

First of all, the groom, Andrew, and the bride, Katie, love video games.  So their cake topper was none other than characters from a Zelda game.

Secondly, the groom and all his groomsmen were various superheroes.  And of course, the ring bearer was Hulk.

The bride, though she did not possess superpowers, looked stunning.

In the past year or so, a popular wedding pose has been for the wedding party to be running from a T-rex.

However, this couple is also really into Star Wars, so they wanted to be running from some AT-ATs which were introduced in The Empire Strikes Back and also appeared in Return of the Jedi.

Finally, something happened at this wedding that I’ve actually not seen before at a wedding:  The reception hall caught on fire!  Actually, I’m exaggerating.  People were dancing when suddenly my sister Michelle and I smelled smoke.  We looked up and saw smoke coming off a table.  Apparently someone bumped the table, and a napkin fell onto a tea light candle.  We ran toward it, and Michelle poured a glass of water on it.  Mostly just the napkin and a bit of the tablecloth were burned, and no one else but the bride even noticed.  Sadly, we didn’t get a photo, but there really wasn’t much to see.  However, it did make for an interesting story:  “There was a fire at my wedding!”

A lot of people don’t like to spend money on wedding photographers. They don’t understand that owning a good camera is only a fraction of a photographer’s job.  Posing, lighting, and post-production work are also a large part of what we do.  For example, this couple got married on a hazy day with a white sky.  The overcast when this happens gives people a blue-grey pallor.  But thanks to me, they now have a blue sky and puffy clouds, and years from now when they look at their wedding photos, they’ll only remember how good they looked and what a beautiful, sunny day it was.

BEFORE & AFTER my magic. 🙂

I’m not knocking people who don’t use professional photographers.  But I am saying that I feel honored to have been present at the weddings I’ve shot.  It feels great to help people capture a day with photos that they’ll one day show their grandchildren.

Let’s talk:  When’s the last time you had a professional photograph taken of yourself?  (Your driver’s license photo doesn’t count!)  If you were getting married in the next few weeks, would you wear superhero garb? Would you want a dinosaur chasing your bridal party? Have you ever been to a wedding where a fire started? 

44 thoughts on “Superheroes, Dinosaurs, and Clouds

      • If the truth be told I hate weddings (then again I hate crowds) – to me they are just a waste of money although I except I’m in the minority on this one. It’s just that I cannot see why people spend an absolute fortune that could be spent on say, a house only to get divorced a few years down the line. What an old romantic I am!

      • LOL! I do not like attending weddings as a guest. But as a wedding vendor, I do have fun with them (for the most part). Sometimes, we do get a Bridezilla and when that happens, I can’t wait for the day to be over with. But what other job lets you have free food, free alcohol and cake? 😉

      • From your point of view it is great that people get married – it must be even better when you get a client who wants art as opposed to tradition in the photo’s as well. The wedding thing as a guest I’ve always found such a bore…being stuck at a table with someone who bores me and who I will never meet again yet feel obliged to have to talk to. I do rather like when a fight breaks out though.

      • Yeah, I don’t like the guest thing AT ALL. But as a vendor, it is entertaining when there’s a fight or a wedding crasher, or someone gets naked…all of which happen WAY too often!

      • A long time ago I attended a wedding where a drunken bridesmaid was doing all sorts of things she shouldn’t have been doing under the table where all the groom’s male guests/friends were gathered – all very Essex and tasteless yet made me laugh a bit when I heard about what I’d missed at the time!

  1. I haven’t had a professional photograph taken in maybe fifteen years and that was for my then job. A dinosaur or two would have helped to distract the eye from the real horrors of my wedding photos…..1974 hair and fashions!

  2. Awesome photo’s Rachel! We actually had outdoor family photo’s taken this spring … the first professional photos since probably my wedding. I find the funny poses hilarious, but I’m a traditional kind of girl, so I probably wouldn’t take them at my own.

    • Thank you! 🙂 We do all the traditional poses and then the fun ones, too. The fun ones, even if they aren’t necessarily the bride’s favorites, are a great way to keep the wedding party, and especially the guys, in line. 😉 They have fun with it anyway and aren’t so self-conscious about getting their photos taken. 🙂

  3. I bet as a wedding photographer, you see more and more weddings with bizarre themes. How nice you are able to change each wedding to a sunny day. Mine was a small Vegas wedding with some pics included in the package.

      • Most of them were Harry’s relatives. We had church ladies bake some boxed quick breads and we put out stuff like that. I was teaching fourth grade and invited the kids to come, and they played music during the reception. It was on the cheap, have no doubt.

      • LOL! I went to a teacher’s wedding once. That’s always nice as a kid to be included. As for your food, “church lady food” is my favorite wedding food… especially when they make macaroni and cheese. Those ladies know how to cook! 😀

  4. You have an ace eye and exquisite technology talents, too, Rachel. The marrying couples are quite smart to hire you for their big day.

    Now for these new themes … Bully for them! If it were me, I’d have my groomsmen dress up as the New York Mets and I’d be Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver! Not really. But bully for them!

    I had a professional photographer friend of mine take a head shot of me last year, and I used it for my book promo and also for my E Lance profile. It’s pretty nice. Makes me look professional but approachable. But my golfing buddy KP with my iPhone still hold honors with The Head for my gravatar.

    • Thank you, Mark! 🙂 I used to think the themes were dorky, but they’ve really grown on me in the past few years. At least when we have those, the couple are usually a lot of fun. 🙂 I love your The Head photo… It’s so smiley! 😀

  5. Your photos are beautiful and not just the typical poses. or backdrop. Your creativity is a beautiful gift. HA Weddings…ugh I feel like I have a movie in me about the subject. I have been married 3 times. NOt something I am pleased to say but not something I can change either.You might say I was a slow learner…or you might say I had the marriages I had given my life at that point. My first wedding was to my dear friend, Andy, a musician. He played acoustic guitar and sang. Had ansdhas so much talent. We played together some. But anyways, the wedding was in the Jersey Pines near Martha’s Bridge. We had friends with jeeps and one with a motor home giving people a ride back into the woods from the road- didn’t want anyone stuck in the sand. I was married in a sweet dress my mother and sister made me. It was white with blue designs on it and a touch of islet on it. Floor length. Yes my kids would say we were Oh what you live you later have reveal itself to you through the eyes of others. He played a Kenny Loggins song for me It was 1977 and we were there in our bare feet- connected to the earth both feet on the ground. I think it may be titled Troubadour. Our friends and family watched the ceremony from the wooden brifge while we married each other at the side of the creek. Some people in a canoe stopped at one point to watch and wish us well. I was in love like I never was. He had lost his first wife to cancer just about 6 months before. In fact I had participated in collecting money – fundraiser for her medical bills and whatever was left would be put aside for her 6 yr old son. After the wedding we all gathered at Harrisonville Lake. We had a picnic where everyone brought their own food and ANdy’s mom made a 3 layered cake. SO sweet of her. My mom and an aunt , a couple of friends, and I think my sister came to share the day with us all but left pretty early. Afterwards, we went home with a couple of Andy’s friends who came in from Georgia. They were in town for the weekend and we postponed going away ( to Acadia Park in Maine to camp out, hike and such), I couldn’t believe we were sitting around with them instead of being on our honeymoon.
    AH to the second marriage… traditional in a church in a white gown with my son as ring bearer. We married in the church I was raised in. Reception in a country bar/restaurant. We were given a night’s stay at a nice hotel- of course we stopped by a party of his friends on the way.
    Fast forward to third wedding …floor length smooth white dress. My son walked me down the aisle. My older daughter played piano and my younger one sang. It was a family thing. We had reception at a place where people would have a wedding catered. My husband was going to sing to me for first song- but the dj couldn’t get that disc to work. Oh well- funny but all 3 could play an instrument…and all three could sing. Wasn’t planned not something I sought but interesting huh? End of babble.

    • LOL! Those all three sound so romantic! I love the hippie wedding theme… that sounds so beautiful! That’s also so sweet of your mom and sister to make your dress. 🙂 And so sweet that your kids were so involved in the third wedding! It’s too bad the DJ’s CD didn’t work. 🙂

  6. I’ve been to two weddings in the last few months–my daughter’s and my sister’s. Both had professional photographers. I haven’t seen my sister’s yet, but my daughter’s photos are wonderful. No dinosaurs, super heroes, or fires, but the wedding was at the aquarium in Camden, NJ, so there are sharks. 🙂

    • Oh, that sounds like fun! 😀 I hope your sister has hers back from the photographer and you just haven’t been over to view the yet. I hate hearing that photographers take months to get people’s photos to them.

    • I think they actually made that. It was pretty cool, because the sequins made it looks “pixelated” like a video game. (Notice how it looks a little blurry yet the cake is in focus? That’s not my photography; that’s actually what it looked like.)

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