Funny, I Don’t Feel Elite!

Back in the beginning of June, I was up to 1,000 followers on my blog here.  By then, I generally got around 55 to 80 likes each day and around 15 to 20 comments on average.  But into June and throughout the summer, my followers dwindled off.  At least the number of people who hit Like or commented decreased.  I figured perhaps people were busy with summer, kids being out of school, etc.

Fast forward to September when I tried the unpopular “Games” theme.  People actually started unfollowing me!  I averaged at least one per day of people who decided that Rachel is just too boring to follow any longer.

C’est la vie.  That’s wasn’t the first time in my life that despite my best efforts, people haven’t liked me, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Then came October when I hoped to pique people’s interest with my tales of E.S.P. and other such true stories designed to give goosebumps for the month before Halloween.  And wouldn’t you know it, some people still unfollowed me!

I’m guessing my tales are just too long to hold some people’s attention.  Or perhaps I’m just unlovable.  At any rate, I’d like to thank all of you who stuck it out and continued along this journey with me.  My theme this month will not be what I had originally planned.  I originally planned that because a lot of people travel for the holidays, I’d have a “Road Trip Follies” month and share some funny stories of road trips gone wrong.  But in light of all the haters, now my Thanksgiving month theme will be “Cornucopia.”  Not in the actual meaning of “horn of plenty” or “abundance,” but rather what goes into a cornucopia, as in a little bit of everything.  In other words, my theme will be no particular theme, but rather some of this and that.  I’ll try to be brief and hopefully not bore you.  I’m sure people will be busy for the next couple of months and won’t have time to read much anyway.

Finally, as of October 23, despite the one step forward, two steps back hits my blog was taking, I made it up to 1,337 followers and received the “1337” or “LEET” Virtual WordPress Trophy.  For those of you who don’t know it, 1337 is “hacker speak” for leet, which is a derivative of “elite.”  So thank you to all my new followers as well as all the original followers who have stuck it out with me.

Time to talk:  Did you know what 1337 meant before you got the WordPress trophy?  Have you ever unfollowed someone because they bored you or their posts were too long?  Would you be interested in my Road Trip Follies theme sometime next year?


68 thoughts on “Funny, I Don’t Feel Elite!

  1. Well we love you this side of the pond young Rachel – bollocks to the rest I say! By the way I did ‘unfollow’ myself as I was getting an awful neck pain and was always on edge in public places…you know…keep looking back at myself to see if I was still there!

  2. I sometimes miss a week or two of reading, life gets in the way. When you’re following a lot of blogs–those you’re interested in, and those you follow back because they have expressed interest in what you’re doing and so you think you might have something in common!–it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

    I’ve never figured out what makes some posts popular and some not. So, I just write what I want to write. It’s my blog, after all. 😉

    Yes to Road Trip Follies!

  3. I have unfollowed when people who were too prolific as well. At first I thought I had to return follows, and my blog was doing well in Nigeria, but I figured out that the real count is about 25% of what the number is. I have a blog because all the books on writing say I should have one. I don’t consider myself a blogger. I have found it hard to get people to read anything more than 1200 words though. Some blogs are too whinny or political and I unfollow them as well, in the hopes that they will get depressed and compost themselves.

  4. I didn’t know about the “elite” thing until I got that trophy for likes or something (I certainly don’t have that many followers!) and had to Google it.
    Road trip follies sounds like fun! Though I haven’t had any myself.

  5. People come and go and for various and sundry reasons. I have unfollowed people on both FB and WP. Reasons vary. Sometimes it is because the person is boring. Other times it’s because it’s been close to a year since someone has posted anything at all. I’ve even blocked a few people who were alleged friends but who repeatedly put me down or were mean to me or a family member. I’ve unfollowed a couple of people who had such long posts that reading them used up all of my free time altogether. Usually, they were also people who were using their blogs for a bully pulpit and spewed a lot of venom in the general direction of people who hold different political points of view. I don’t think anyone I follow always “tickles my fancy.” I like reading your blog, Rachel, but even more I like you as a person.

  6. As someone else said, I would not take unfollowers as haters, you don’t know why they dropped off. I didn’t read your game theme because I didn’t want to play games…but I’m still following and came back after that theme!

    I try to read at least one post from everybody I follow (over 200 blogs!) at least once per week. I can’t read every post everybody writes. 🙂

    Love your blog Rachel, don’t let stats bring you down. 🙂 I’ve always had you pegged as someone who writes because she loves writing. ❤

    Diana xo

  7. I have never unfollowed someone because their posts were too long, whatever that means. That would be rather hypocritical on my part, since many of my own posts are over 1000 words, and the ones under 200 are uncommon. Honestly, I would rather read long posts than little 30-word “guess what I had for lunch lol!” ones. (Posts that are mostly photos, with a few words to describe the images, are an exception. I don’t expect those to have a high word count, and they don’t need it anyway.) I’m also not a fan of posting every single day just to have a post every single day; if someone I’m following has nothing to say that day, I’d rather they, y’know, not say anything that day. 🙂 Boring posts, I’m willing to wait out, at least for a while; in all likelihood, the blog will become interesting again soon. I’m sure some of my posts bore a few people, too, but what bores one person is exactly what another comes to my blog to read.

  8. I’ve unfollowed bloggers who haven’t posted for many months, and those who never provide original content (all they do is re-blog, with no attached commentary). Just to keep things manageable, my list hovers around 100 blogs that have content I generally enjoy reading and have found to be useful. I’ve read your “human interest” stories and author interviews, but I’m just not a “game” person.

  9. Haters!! I’ve yet to unfollow anyone, but that’s just my wimpiness showing. I really should unfollow some people that only make me mad when I read their posts, or who post so frequently about things I no longer care about that it clutters up my feed.

    I probably closely follow 20 blogs or so, and moderately follow 50 or so. Any more than that and I can’t keep up. I’m very selective about following people, and sometimes won’t follow another person’s blog even if they follow mine. I know it seems rude, but I just can’t keep up. My blogging experience is very personal and important to me, and I don’t want it to be something I detest scrolling through.

    Don’t feel bad, Rachel. I was gone so long for reasons other than your posts. I actually loved your game theme, but I just wasn’t around to enjoy it. Games are completely underrated. I love board games and yours reminded me of that.

    I love road trips, so I think that’ll be a great theme whenever you decide to do it.

    Put a smile on, kick those haters out of the window, and keep rocking on!

  10. i love the idea of the road trip follies, you are such a good storyteller, i’m sure they would be great. don’t worry about the unfollowers, i know people do it all the time, and tend to prune the number of blogs they follow according to their own time available. i had no idea about the magic wp number, but congrats, and please don’t go changing, write what you feel –

  11. Congratulations, Elite Rachel. No, I did not know that Leet stood for Elite. I have not reached the WP Leet number.

    I will follow you through Cornocupia. I will follow you through Road Trip Follies. I will follow you into a burning building, jump off a bridge …

  12. Congrats on your leet status. I try not to look at the stats too much as it can make for depressing reading (for example last week my hits dropped down substantially.) The only time I have unfollowed sites is when they start flooding the dashboards with tons of posts during a single day. Quality > quantity.

    • “Quality > Quantity” is a great way to put it. 🙂 I know what you mean about looking at the stats…It just leaves me wondering if it’s personal or if it’s because of things like holidays that keep people busy. 🙂

  13. Rachel, you have a wonderful blog. I always enjoy reading it. Your latest posts were fascinating. My only regret is I don’t always have time to tell you that , or comment, just cos I spend the day chasing my tail.

  14. I love your blog!! Never removed a follow- like unfriending which I don’t do either. lol Seriously though I feel you have among the most interesting blogs out there!! EVen when I feel too ill to even read, I find time to read through yours whenever possible. Don’t stop whatever you do!!! Please!!

  15. I agree with many of the other commenters that you shouldn’t take an unfollower as a ‘hater’. I know you can’t really see it as positive either … but at least they obviously haven’t just forgotten about you! People do need to be selective, I think, just because everyone has a limit on how many blogs they can realistically ‘follow’ in any sense worth the name – which should mean, I would say, at least an occasional visit, though not necessarily reading every single post. I can’t pretend I’ve read every one of your posts since I started following your blog, but I do visit periodically and I do value what you write. You’re doing a great job – and congrats on the 1337 WordPress trophy (what is the significance of 1337 by the way?).

    • That’s true. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂 1337 stands for “LEET” which is “hacker” language for “ELITE”. I guess it’s just a silly little thing WordPress does to make us feel good. 🙂

  16. This post certainly didn’t do poorly. =) I doubt people hated you, RC. Strong words, and we are our harshest critic. Just write your passion and you will draw like-minded folks. Happy, happy new year. =)


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