Just a Friendly Reminder

Yesterday, I told you about the law firm where I worked where I accurately predicted the reasons for Jeri’s absences for an entire week, and I mentioned that Jan* already knew how spot-on my gut feelings could be.

While I worked at that same office, I frequently got feelings, either good or bad, when I signed up new clients.  One particular client we had seemed to be sweet, but I just had a very bad feeling about her.  My boss always got angry when I told him such things because he didn’t want to hear anything negative about the people he represented, but with this particular client, I couldn’t let it go.

This woman had come to us because her parents died due to a faulty appliance which started a fire, and she was suing the manufacturer.  Almost a year passed, and every time I had to see or talk to her, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that she was evil.  (And, yes, I realize what a strong word “evil” is, yet that’s what it felt like.)

Finally my boss threatened to fire me if I didn’t stop badmouthing this client to him.  After that, I kept my opinions to myself for the most part, except I did continue to confide in Jan and tell her what was on my mind.

As it turned out, just as this case was getting ready to go to trial, the client was arrested! It turned out she’d embezzled over $50,000 from her employer some time back, was caught and fired, and was given a certain time period to return the money.  And after further investigation, it turned out that she was who tampered with the appliance in her parents’ house then left them there, knowing a fire would start moments later.  (Of course, when my boss learned this, he was angry that I didn’t insist that he listen to me earlier when I tried to warn him, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, that was just one more instance of Jan seeing my instinct in action.  So several years later, when neither of us worked there for more than a dozen years, I had a dream about her having a “private” health issue, and I called her.  We hadn’t spoken in over a year, and had only spoken about once or twice a year for the past decade.

However, when I told her my dream, she didn’t hesitate to call her doctor and make an appointment right away.  As it turned out, she did have a growth exactly where I told her it would be.  It was caught early, and her doctor was able to laser it off with no residual effects, though her doctor did say that had she not come in when she did, it could’ve easily caused some major complications.

(*Not her actual name)

Time to talk:  Have you ever dreamed of a coworker?  Do you stay friends with coworkers long after you stop working together?  Have you ever just “known” that someone was not a good person?