No Need for a Tardy Slip

At one of the law firms where I worked, I sat in a room with Jan*, Slylar*, and Jeri*.  Jeri was known for being frequently late to work, and the rest of us always got there early.

One week, we’d been talking about the numerous times I’ve experienced my “feelings” or “angel messages” as I called them.  Jan had seen them in action plenty of times, and she had even dated my uncle, so she knew firsthand a lot of experiences I’ve had.  Skylar was the type of person who doubted everything anyone ever said.

So, the following Monday, Jeri was late, and Skylar and Jan decided to put me to the test.  They asked me why Jeri was going to be late that day.

I closed my eyes and thought about it and said, “Her daughter refused to get ready for school.”

About twenty minutes later when Jeri came in, sure enough, she said that her daughter woke up in a bad mood and wouldn’t eat her breakfast or get dressed.

The next day, Skylar and Jan asked me why Jeri would be late that day.  I thought about it then said, “Her husband never came home last night.”

Sure enough, when Jeri finally arrived, she had bags under her eyes.  Her husband was a night janitor, and the van he had to drive broke down, and he couldn’t get a ride to get help.  (This was before the days of cellphones.)  He never came home that night because he was stranded on the side of a rural highway.

The next day when Jan and Skylar asked me, I said that Jeri would be late because one of her cats died.

Yep.  You guessed it.  One of her kittens had climbed into the motor of her car, and when she started the car, it killed the cat.

On Thursday, once again they asked me, and after I thought about it, I said it was because of the death of a cat again.

Skylar got quite an attitude with me and told me how ridiculous it was to assume two cats would die two days in a row.

Sure enough, when Jeri got there, she said one of her kittens got hold of some chocolate and ate it the night before then died early that morning.

So when Friday came, Jan was having quite a good time watching Skylar doubt me.  Once again they asked me why Jeri would be late.

I thought and thought, but I couldn’t come up with anything.  I didn’t have a gut feeling of any sort.  I considered making something up, but then decided against it.  I couldn’t even think of anything good to make up because I just felt nothing.  When I simply said, “I don’t know.  I don’t feel anything,” Skylar laughed and laughed at me.  And at that moment, Jeri came walking in… one minute before the office opened!

(*Not their actual names)

Let’s talk… Have you ever worked with someone who was perpetually late?  How would you feel if a co-worker doubted what you said as true?

27 thoughts on “No Need for a Tardy Slip

  1. Is that really true? Not that I have any reason to doubt you, its just so amazing! Can you really make predictions to order like that? Its incredible. I’ve said it before, Rachel, you have super powers…

    • LOL! Yes, it’s true, and no, I usually can’t just feel predictions like that. For the most part, my “powers” are limited to my kids and telling if other people are lying or are hiding something. 🙂

      • Well, even that’s pretty awesome, in my book Rachel! I would love to be able to tell which one of my kids is lying when they’re both blaming each other for something which I know one of them has done but won’t admit to lol!

      • Well, when that happens, if you’ll just them if one lies, they both get punished, they’ll take care of “punishing” each other then you can quickly decipher who the culprit is. 😉

  2. Can you please think hard and email me Tuesday night’s Megamillions numbers? Or is that against the rules of your powers, Rachel? It is quite amazing what you can see and predict.

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